Putting microchips in people's brains

Putting microchips in people’s brains…

  • What could go wrong?
  • Why does the average Joe need this?
  • Here comes transhumanism…

Look what this monkey can do just by thinking it…

All under the guise of “helping people”. Satan knows how to get people to do want he wants - he goes after our God given compassion in our hearts. People will see this as a way to help people with dementia and all kinds of illnesses. They will think it’s “kind” and showing “compassion” to those that have ailments. But alas…that is not their end goal. Satan knows that he needs people to follow him when he returns as anti-christ. And this is how he will gain that control. So many people will not even have a chance.

Thank you Lord for giving us the millennium to help save Your children!


It will help some people I am sure, but then we delve into the realm of too much technology in our lives. It’s where we have been for a long time now unfortunately.

It’s always about free will though. Nothing can interfere with that. If God allowed someone or some device to altar someone’s free will. Then God could not hold them accountable for their decisions. I think that’s important to remember when we think about things like this.


It may help some people, but what they should be focusing on is the cause. Although trying to overcome the cause is virtually impossible with all the chemicals and radiation our flesh bodies endure. We researched A LOT when my dad’s brain was no longer working good at all. It was an awful and heartbreaking time in our families lives. But there is no way I would have wanted any chip planted into his head.

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Kay, sorry to hear about your Dad. We’ve had some struggles with family as well.

You know, when I think about this subject, I think about someone who lost a hand, an arm or leg. I can see some possible benefit there. However, I think it will be abused just like so many other things.

I think a lot of the push behind this stuff is our efforts to reach immortality, or at least try. We press and push to extend life when we really shouldn’t. The way I see it, we should strive for quality of life, not just life. If we cannot have a good quality of life, perhaps it would be better if we moved on to God.


Yep, not an easy thing to deal with, but boy oh boy, the amount we learned and the lessons we learned is actually amazing! I can’t imagine anyone going thru these trials without God. Of course, I certainly went off course a time or two, but eventually learned and got back on course - Praise God! Let me add, anyone that reads this, if you are a care giver to the elderly, don’t hesitate to contact me via the message feature on here. And most importantly, you need to take care of yourself so you are able to take care of your loved one.

And I agree wholeheartedly about their efforts towards immortality. Unfortunately, the people follow right along. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for health care, but not how they have allowed the insurance companies and big pharma take over the field of medicine. Doctors cannot be a doctors anymore. :frowning:

Quality of life IS key! And i understand what you are saying regarding appendages that have been lost and it could be beneficial. But after what I have seen in the medical “industry” over the last decade or so, there is still no way I would have anyone implanting anything in my brain! I would rather learn to live with a missing leg or arm.

Hope I didn’t get too far off on a tangent here. :upside_down_face:


Kay, what you said is key, why not prevent the cause rather than research how to deal with.
when the cows keep getting out we naturally out of common sense examine the reason and correct it.
We don’t consider options like using a bovine thought process altering drug etc. I get it completely!
I see that logic more and more everyday. when a 15 year old child has the desire to murder people, to me 'that should be the primary concern, that! is the real problem and not that he was able to get his hands on a gun. That’s just one of the thousands of examples that frustrate me to no end.

Very good point. Why not? everybody else is doing it!

Kay, great comment. I’m reading a book by C.S Lewis titled The Screwtape Letters. Good read.

I don’t have much time for reading, except for the bible, but I will pick it up regardless. You never know when I’ll get that time! Thanks!

The subject matter has to do with the things you stated in your comment.

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stupid people will line up and even pay to have their very own implant.

It’s a brave new world…

…employees at a brain interface startup called Synchron are working on technology designed to transform daily life for people with paralysis.

So very sad that people will not even give this a second thought and jump on that bandwagon. People need to take God’s advice and not worry about the flesh, worry about the soul.