Putin's Christmas Truce

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Last night I fired up my Mac for a dose of news before I went to read the Bible. A crazy combination, but then again, what’s the title of this website? So there it was, “Putin announces Christmas truce.” I thought, “No way, seriously?” Sure enough, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a Christmas truce that…

I just checked the news, and as per your prediction, Putin’s ceasefire has received a ‘western spin’ to it. Surprise, surprise (…not).

On another note, and based on the rhetoric from either side, it seems the West’s proxy war against Russia will not be reaching its conclusion in the foreseeable future. Thanks to the west’s steady supply of military aid and ‘moral support’ to Ukraine’s regime, the war’s been raging now for longer than I believe most people had initially anticipated, myself included.

But then again, what are extended, drawn-out and protracted wars ‘good’ for? As the Brookings Institution ‘think-tank’ once phrased it:

> Global crises that crush existing orders and overturn long-held norms, especially extended, large-scale wars, can pave the way for new systems, structures, and values to emerge and take hold. Without such devastation to existing systems and practices, leaders and populations are generally resistant to major changes and to giving up some of their sovereignty to new organizations or rules.

  • Sometimes the world needs a crisis: Turning challenges into opportunities, Brookings Institution, 2017

It’s just a shame that it’s happening at the expense of millions upon millions of livelihoods.

Thanks Brandon, and all who contribute to meaningful dialogue on this platform. May God keep you all through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour,


Ohh, you’re good Louis. Thanks for sharing that, I had to go find it and drop the link for everyone else. Thanks for reading sir. Great contribution.

absolutely agree 100% The media likes to spin that the vast majority of Americans think that Putin is a murderous dictator. that is a blatant lie as well. The majority of Americans are paying attention now to world events more than any other time in our history. We know the truth! and it is not the media and our politicians.

Zelenski–“Now they want to use Christmas as cover, to stop the advance of our boys in Donbass for a bit and bring up their equipment, ammunition and mobilized [troops] to the front,” Zelensky said.“Everyone in the world knows how the Kremlin uses ceasefires to continue the war with renewed vigor.” well, since the date for Orthodox Christmas was already set in stone, so to speak, it almost seems more like Zel got his chronology screwed up or knows no one will notice that if they were advancing without regard for Orthodox. Either way…it’s hard to find “intent” on Russ about war stategy.