Putin And Xi Challenge World Order

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Just days ago, Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi meet at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Uzbekistan. This was Xi’s first trip outside of China since the COVID-19 pandemic, which, “officially” ended yesterday at President Biden’s decree. Not to be sidetracked with nuances, the SCO consists of: 8 full members: India, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia,…


I wonder if this could be the start of it all(the tribulation?) if they ever get to that peace agreement?? when they say peace and safety, sudden destruction.


America’s antagonism towards Russia and China is only serving to strengthen ties among anti-western alliances and blocs, just as you’ve mentioned with the expansion of the SCO. I could be wildly wrong, but I can’t help but feel that this is deliberate self-sabotage on the part of the west, particularly the U.S…it’s like suicide. Almost as though the situation in Ukraine has furnished globalists with the perfect pretext for propping up anti-western alliances to accelerate the demise of the western-led “liberal” world order. Why they’d want to do that, I can’t quite tell.

On the economic front, western “support” for Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions may, in the long-run likely inflict more harm on the dollar’s reserve currency status than they will to hurt Russia as more nations isolate from the U.S dollar in droves. Russia’s currency remains one of the best-performing this year against the dollar, and their energy export earnings have risen 38% since the sanctions. Apart from sparking a potential energy crisis in Europe, what have these sanctions achieved, really? Interestingly, it was Joe Biden who said:

American hegemony might be a pleasant idea, but is it politically, economically, or even military wise? Bristling with weapons, we [the United States] would continue our economic decline, while rising industrial giants in Europe and Asia viewed our military pretensions with indifference or contempt”. – Joe Biden, How I Learned to Love the New World Order, 1992.

He seems to have understood that continually imposing its military and economic supremacy upon the rest of the world would in fact do more to diminish U.S. influence in those respective areas, rather than enforce it. This would just make way for the rise of emerging powers to pose an ever-increasing challenge to America’s global leadership role. Yet, looking at today’s status of things, this is the very path which the United States, under Biden’s leadership, seems hell-bent on pursuing. I’m having a difficult time believing that this is merely ignorance by the west.

On another note, Turkey’s situation is particularly interesting. To be part of a Western-dominated alliance like NATO while simultaneously joining anti-western blocs, seems counterintuitive (James 1:8). Apparently, they’re also poised to join BRICS. In any case, these events are interesting to watch unfold, and it’ll be even more interesting to witness what their outcome will be. Thanks for your takes and for this platform, much appreciated!


Louis, welcome sir and thanks so much for joining us!

The West is destroying itself from every angle, I don’t know about the willingly part. For me, it’s more tied to our spiritual void and how that always ends. In destruction.

On another note, I think we could look at Rome to see how and why she fell long ago. Thanks for the added insight sir!