Put Evil Away From You

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God established very specific laws that required the death penalty if they were violated. This prevented evil from spreading throughout society by destroying it. The rest of society would take note of the punishment, and sin would cease to be a thought among the people.


God’s laws are not enforced. The civil law enforcement is going away. Also, the speaking out against these things is all but vanished.
There’s more protesting to break God’s law then to adhere to them.

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I was reading Lamentations last night and I feel we are, again, at that point. Our Lord has had enough and has turned His back on the peoples/nations. I wonder if this is the final time!

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Thank you for the Bible Notes. Grouping for reference lends clarity, emphasis and enforcement of similar verses. Great start to a new format.

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Amen, as recently as the 80’s Homosexual acts were a criminal offense in my home state. When I told my son that, 'he said 'no way! He found that hard to believe.