Pushing toward WWIII

I see the U.S as the bad guy here. The U.S interest in and meddling in Ukraine forced action by Russia to act in securing the region. [Moscows back yard] I remember Russia’s warning after warning. Russia will not be backed into a corner.

A few highlights from Russia’s Medvedev

  • The decision prompted by the war declared by the United States and other NATO countries to our country.
  • …it is obvious to all reasonable forces that if the United States wants to Russia’s defeat, then we are on the verge of a world conflict.
  • If the United States wants to defeat Russia, then we have the right to defend ourselves with any weapon, including nuclear.

Escalation continues…

UN members endorse resolution to end war (link below).

I found this observation very true…

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said,

“Based on our experience, it became already pretty obvious that neither delivery of weapons, nor sanctions, those measures do not save lives. To the contrary, they contribute to the prolongation and the risk of escalation of this war, and they bring more suffering,” Szijjarto said. - Ukraine: UN members endorse resolution to end war – DW – 02/23/2023

He spoke concerning the West’s continued and relentless delivery of arms to Ukraine. Had that never happened, this war would have solved itself long ago.

In other news, “French and German leaders told Ukrainian President Zelensky that he needs to consider peace talks.” - NATO’s Biggest European Members Float Defense Pact With Ukraine - WSJ

It’s tough to see peace without the Ukraine of today going away. NATO has already promised, Ukraine will become a part of NATO. Something Russia does not want to see.

In a recent post by Russia’s Medevev, he knows there going to give Ukraine F-16s in the future. So it’s quite certain, Russia has already planned well in advance for this…

Now they prepare for China…

Our leaders don’t give a damn about you and your family. If they did, they would denounce the frivolous war in Ukraine and put and end to the China war talk. We built China, we created that dragon. All we continue to do is fund it more and more. The world is beginning to see the United States is the globes bully.

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Not quite a war development, but a bit of humor from Russia’s Medvedev. Hopefully, someone else will get a laugh out of a bad situation.

What the U.S. is doing with Ukraine is beyond a travesty.

Look at this:

  • the US has sent Ukraine so many stockpiled Stinger missiles that it would take 13 years of production at recent capacity levels to replace them.
  • Raytheon, the company that helps make Javeline missile systems, said it would take five years at last year’s production rates to replace the number of missiles sent to Ukraine in the last ten months.

It would seem, this war cannot keep up at this rate. The proxy war will have to end before we run out of arms to send to Ukraine.

In another development, Putin might be moving tactical nuclear weapons to neighboring Belarus in summer.

It’s getting real.

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Biden’s a-okay with training Ukrainian’s how to fly F-16s. We all know what this means…

By the way, how are those Abrams tanks working out?

I can’t help but think that we will hear about Russia installing military operations somewhere close to the U.S border in the coming months. it’s bound to happen. I guess, 'what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. whatever happens is not going to good for Americans.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko recently said,

One needs to join the Union State of Russia and Belarus, then there will be nuclear weapons for everyone. We need to understand that we have a unique strategic chance to unite.”

Side note: That video of Graham saying,

"And the Russians are dying… Best money we’ve ever spent.”

Is a hoax.

It was conveniently spliced together.

No end in sight…

U.S. sends another $300 million to Ukraine.

The Defense Department announced an additional security assistance package for Ukraine today that contains key capabilities to arm against Russian airstrikes targeting critical infrastructure across the country. - EU pledges over $1 billion to refresh its arms factories for Ukraine

Meanwhile, the Eurocrats send another billion for ammo.

The total of €1 billion to bolster output from factories across Europe will add to another €2 billion already committed by the EU to compensate members who donate their existing ammunition stocks to Kyiv as well to the joint purchase of fresh stocks to help halt Russia’s invasion. - DOD Announces New Security Assistance Package for Ukraine > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News


There goes a dam in Ukraine.

If you listen to the West, Russia did it.

If you listen to Russia, Ukraine did it.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has used U.S. arms inside Russia. Which they pinky promised not too.

Who do you trust? :smile:

I trust none of them !