Potential escalations to bring us closer to WWIII

The US is considering giving Ukraine a rocket system capable of striking targets 200 miles away. To convince the US to move forward with the shipment of these systems, Ukraine has offered to allow the US to select targets.

We are already in a proxy war with Russia, this would place us in direct confrontation.

In an effort to overcome Biden administration resistance to providing it with a new set of powerful, long-range rocket systems, the Ukrainian government is now offering the US full and ongoing visibility into their list of intended Russian targets, multiple officials familiar with the discussions tell CNN.

The remarkable transparency essentially gives the US veto power over Ukrainian targeting of Russia and is meant to convince the administration that providing the critical weapons would not lead to strikes inside Russian territory, which the US fears would escalate the war and draw it directly into a conflict with Russian President Vladimir Putin. - CNN


This news fits in with what the propaganda machine was spewing here in my town this morning.

First thing they said at 5 AM today

This flu season is predicted to be the worst in history.

Then they said Putin is bringing us to the brink of a nuclear holocaust.

I changed the channel and put on some Looney Tunes.

I said @$&* it and had a great day.


Loony Tunes was also the first thing you watched!

We don’t watch regular TV anymore, but watched an episode of Gold Rush that didn’t record on Discovery Go. We couldn’t fast forward over the ads and my husband and I just kept looking at each other in disgust. One after another…all targeting FEAR and mainly “health” related ads. We just shook our heads. :frowning: thinking about all the people that hear this day in and day out.



I’ll bite… What health ads?

We literally never see TV. It’s about as rare as a big foot sighting. So edjamacate me!


There were so many - but usually starting out with the sad music and how terrible the pandemic was, showing families in despair…mental health, vaccines…the whole nine yards! I see the same thing when I go to my mom’s and she has the TV on. UGH! And then you get the political ads going - and they all sound like a bunch of children whining. “He did this and he did that!”. I’m so thankful to God that He clued us in to turn the “programming” off!


Yes, I do enjoy an old classic Loony tunes on occasion.

If I watch anything it is only Leave it to Beaver and
Andy Griffith.

I gave up on any decent shows years ago.

white tv