Poll: When Do You Think Jesus Will Return?

I have no idea. In our lifetime, we are witnessing the new world order moving forward. - the financial system, political upheaval, the decline of Christianity and our churches, and our poor education system. All these to me indicate that we are getting close. Who knows how long the fig tree generation is but the other signs and the seasons here.


When we think about this subject, the best time marker for the return of Jesus is right here.

Mat 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

Very plainly stated.

At this point, the Gospel has been preached in all nations. This is one of the things I pointed out in the fig tree study. We have Christian missions all over the world. We have friends who served in small asian villages, along with some interesting stories. There are Bibles is numerous languages. The internet, on and on it goes.

Point is, this has been fulfilled. What’s a bit startling to me, is how much Christianity is declining, and the lack of belief in Scripture continues to grow in first world nations. If the end does not happen soon, well, you get the idea.


The scriptures give us a pretty good idea when Jesus Christ will return, and

Jesus said it will be like the days of Noah when he returns, and lawlessness will abound. The prophecies have been or are presently being fulfilled to allow for his return, so the stage is set for his return,


I feel like most on here, of course we don’t know exactly. I can remember my mom saying it to us kids often, she was always trying to keep us close to God. So a “friendly” reminder in my teenage years and early 20’s, Jesus is coming back anytime!

With the open talk of the New World Order by many countries now, the decline in Christianity in first world countries, blatant in your face actions and sins, and the pressure of accepting all things that I would call demonic, I feel within the next 5 years.

I really wanted to say next couple of years but as others have mentioned, I felt that way decades ago too. I know I said this too, but it just seems to open, blatant, not caring, evil more today than ever.

In my personal walk, in the last 1-2 years, I fell like God has opened my eyes more concerning scripture than ever. I seem to understand more, or see things that I just never saw before. Most of this has had to do with the end times, the antichrist, the sealed, the timeline of it all unraveling.


Things have to get much, much worse before we can even start thinking when Jesus will return and yes things right now are headed in that direction, towards the end. they still have to bring lots more illegals in, we are not there yet. has anybody ever looked at the Deagle report? by 2025 they estimated there would only be 100 million people in the united states, and they did put up also other countries estimated population. they have taken it down now, but i am sure that if you looked hard enough, someone has it. i don’t know if it is true or not, but makes for good conversation anyway. the population is pretty high right now, i just can’t figure out how they will get rid of us useless eaters, that is what they call us, something like deplorables, like killary called us. maybe this winter we will get a better idea, they keep telling us we are going to freeze. well if the pioneers lived through the rough times, there is no reason why we can’t . i am glad that i am not in a big city.


Well, only God knows. But really isn’t Jesus here now? He said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and that Heaven is all around you. Heaven and God are one in my mind as is Jesus and God being one (Holy Spirt too). Just my thoughts but many also believe that Revelations has already been fulfilled with the destruction of the Temple and scattering of Judah in the 70th year, if this is so then looking for all these signs is a bit futile.

I am not much for posting so may not do much but Branden I really like your detailed research and logic given in you insights and explanations.

that true. one might almost say, there is not one person on the planet that has not heard the name Christ or Jesus. I said, “might”.

Eric, welcome and thanks for joining sir!

You are very welcome, and thank you for your readership.

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I feel the same way. I have always studied with someone, whether it be Brandon or a Pastor or just a fellow Christian. But now I can read scripture and it seems to fall into place much better than ever before without anyone else’s interpretation. And I don’t know how to explain it, but that feeling you get when you actually feel that warmth inside, like God is there with you as you study. :heartpulse:


That’s awesome!

The best study, is self study.


Let’s look at it this way…Christ…Head & Body are the temple…the dwelling place of God, the throne of God, the heavenly and earthly kingdom of God…they rule with a rod of iron…

Currently…they (Body) are in the final stages of becoming unified in the faith, and in the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ…they are not children anymore…

Mature spiritual adults in the kingdom of God on the earth…the Head & Body of Christ as one…”Christ”…are being prepared for their finest hour. They will be traveling the same road as their Lord and Savior…King Yahshua… on His earthly journey to the cross…putting on the full display of God’s glory and splendor…robed in the power and authority of the throne of God…clothed upon with the righteousness and holiness of the eternal priesthood…while the false church has a completely different expectation.

As you discern the Body maturing in the way Paul laid it out (Eph.4)…you will see it in yourself first, or maybe brothers and sisters…a spiritual maturity…and increase in the clarity of your unique call…and the same for the rest of the Body…local and globally. The Holy Spirit is yet assembling the Body as it is supposed to be…then He…”Christ”…the “Son of God” begins to emerge…all of Gods family is a part of it…it is discerned as it happens…which is now.

The kingdom of God made up of the Body and Head on earth and in heaven is bringing the righteous and holy standard of Christ into the darkness…and its bringing correction and judgment…with the authority and power of the Throne of God to put the standard of kingdom life on display for all of humanity. Reconciling man to God, and destroying the works of the devil. As we do this…we will encounter the enemy…greater and greater as we move into God’s plan to close out this age. We are victorious!

His sheep know His voice and follow Him.

It was never going to be any other way.


I checked the “I’m not sure” box in the poll. I have read all the responses and they are all great. I read a letter the other day on another website. It was from a pastor that had a “vision” or dream from God. I really have trouble with those type of things, but the letter was raw and ugly with what may becoming our way. That got me thinking, that as bad as we think life is right now, I feel that it is going to get so much worse and violent. I know that scripture states, the worst time the world has ever seen. I often look back at history and think about how all those people probably thought that it was close to the end due to their circumstances. I feel as though we have no idea of the evil that is coming. I shake my head in horror now when I see a headline about child abuse, sex trafficking, husbands ad wives killing their children and each other. and now I see more about cannibalism in the news and movies. I think I know how evil the world is, then something even more horrible happens. I have to really work at being patient and not letting all this evil get me worked up. But at the same time, I want to know what is going on and what to be ready for. If that is possible. Sorry this is long. Thanks for reading. Chris


It truly is sick, all the evil going on in this world. In the back of my mind I also wonder - in this “information age” that were are living in, is it possible that all of this was going on before but we are just more aware of it? Of course, that’s not the case when you look at the LGBTQlmnop groups…seeping into schools, churches, TV’s and every other place you look. And then you have FB flagging posts that include the word “grooming”.

But out of all that is happening around us and what’s to come - I will always take refuge in the Lord. He is our comforter! What a gift He is to all that reach to Him with a true heart!


Isn’t that the truth.

I’ve pointed that out over the years. I mean, think back to WWI. Then, you had WWII shortly after which overlapped the Great Depression. We haven’t lived through anything even remotely close to that. On another note, Matthew 24:21 most likely refers to the Tribulation itself.


But you’ve come a long way, it’s natural the comprehension increases with time. It’s just like when you start something you are like “fish”. This is what we say in Spain when we don’t know nothing. Later on the knowledge increases and we are more autonomous


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I actually think Jesus already came back and the 1000 year millennial reign is over and were living in the time where the adversary has been released for a short time.

Morning Mandy, welcome to the forum.

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Welcome, it’s a great place to learn and discuss!

Mandy, good morning, scripture says the Antichrist comes before Jesus returns. Just one of many signs.

That he sets himself up as God in the temple, heals the wound to the beast, kills the two witnesses, battle of Armageddon, just to name a few…

What scripture are you using or examples? Would you mind sharing?