Politico: now voting machines can be hacked

I’m so tired of the voting fraud allegations. Not a lick has ever been proven in a court of law. Not even under Trump appointed judges. Nevertheless, Politico is putting its own spin on it. :upside_down_face:

We’re going to live in a perpetual voting fraud nightmare, echoed by the losing party every go round.

Well…we have a justice system problem too. I’ve seen the video’s and heard testimonies. Granted, I did not experience it first hand. BUT, I did have a friend that moved to Arizona and he was NOT happy with the way things were going down there in 2020. Including the marker’s being handed out and the chaos with the ballots. He lived a lot of the craziness. Poll workers not being allowed to watch the counting…too much nefarious activity going on. I don’t trust our elections at all…I think it’s been “fixed” for decades.

On another note - yes, my inbox has been filling up with all sorts of issues nationwide with voting machines, absentee ballot issues…I don’t even bother opening them up.

That’s the thing, there’s been issues for decades. It’s not new, it’s only been made new for political gain. I don’t think most people get that concept.

Now here’s the issue I have. All of these people talking about voting machine fraud. They keep hearing it from so and so and then repeat it all over the place. Then, when you get right down to it, it means the votes are never tallied properly for Republicans. So then, that means Democrats control the results of the voting machines, and that’s just silly to me.

With that logic then, if we have a red wave tonight… Does that mean the Democrats just decided not to flip the vote this go round? Honestly, it all becomes laughable at that point.

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Actually, I don’t think it’s left vs right…I think the “powers that be” decide if it’s the right’s turn to win or the left’s turn. Heck, I don’t think Trump actually won the 2016 election at this point. Maybe they needed to get him in office to divide the nation further. I feel that they just keep tossing the ball back and forth to accomplish the goal of removing our rights, getting us further in debt and screwing up other nations. And my other thought is God is giving us what we deserve as a nation.

Now just remember, all of this is just going off my gut feeling and who knows if I’m even close to what is actually happening. As more things come to light, the more I pray about it.

Edited to add: Now everyone can think I’m really nuts! :wink:

I must be nuts also. For me, this whole Democrat vs. Republican is like the WWF (world wrestling federation); an entertaining show.


YES! And it took me a long time to realize it…but once you see it, it’s like you cannot unsee it. I can’t even turn on the television without see the “production” they are all pushing. And I’m not just talking about political ads or the news…it’s in everything!