Pics from our latest hike and a sweet treat!

The other day we went for a hike to the top of a mountain. Fantastic views that I wanted to share with you folks. On the way down, we picked some huckleberries! Holy smokes those things are good. We actually picked 8lbs of berries, yes I weighed them! :smile:

I got to say, the trail was supposed to be a 9 mile hike. Well, all the maps were wrong, it was 13 miles! :flushed: We made it though, but really wanted to camp out in that lookout tower.

Maybe next time.

I love God’s country.

This was a poem inside the watch tower, we thought it was pretty cool.

Pano to finish…


Where were you when you took those fantastic pics?

Beautiful pics thank you for sharing.

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Amazing pictures!! I’m sure it doesn’t even compare to actually being there!

Those HUCKLEBERRIES! :yum: The first thing I thought of when I saw them was flavoring Kombucha and Kefir! And hey…stick some in the freezer to flavor your soon-to-be kefir. That and a little honey or maple syrup and that would be scrumptious!!

Noxon, Montana. Specifically, Squaw Peak, which was renamed to Star Peak apparently.

Ask me why. :smile:

@kay can’t wait!

Are the stars gender neutral?


According to some reviews I read, the name was changed, probably since “squaw” might be offensive. The locals still call it Squaw though. You know, I’m still miffed they took that gal off Land O Lakes butter. :rage::smile:

Yea, I’d rather see her than that Maybelline nut job.

Looks like a brochure.

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Yeah they got rid of the Indian girl and kept the land :laughing:

When you said Maybelline nut job, all I see can see is the glitter barrette on a beard!

It’s lovely and it enhances the melon glow.