Pentagon drops COVID-19 vaccine mandate

The Pentagon just dropped the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for troops!!!

Don’t miss this part…

No individuals currently serving in the Armed Forces shall be separated solely on the basis of their refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination if they sought an accommodation on religious, administrative, or medical grounds. The Military Departments will update the records of such individuals to remove any adverse actions solely associated with denials of such requests, including letters of reprimand.

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I held out on both my jobs. Just retired out the military they are too liberal. Not many held out. Most gave in. Just a preseason run to the mark of the beast. Most will give in and take it. Very few will hold out.

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I agree whole heartedly. If it was a test, Americans failed miserably. I would like to know the exact percentage of Americans who rejected the vaccine and resisted the masks and lockdowns out of spiritual and common sense convictions. 25%? 35% at least I hope.

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Well in my military unit there is about 220 people. 3 or 4 religious exemptions were put in and about 12 just refused. Many didn’t want to get it but gave in and got it out of fear and threats made by the government and leadership. My federal job way less about 80 religious exemptions out of the whole southeast region!

Thanks for sharing those numbers. It’s what I have seen in my own experiences as well. Most people believe what society tells them. It should be that way, but not in our imperfect world.

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Here’s another positive development.

Def they deserve that and more!

Well thank you for your service! And I thank your family as well. I have always believed that if one person in a family serves, it’s actually the whole family!

And it’s also great to hear that you held out! I have a couple friends in the medical “industry” that just up and quit - never wanting to return again.