Past Blog Posts - category?

If I’m digging around in the WEB blogs and would like to open a discussion about one of them, is it okay to start a new topic in the general discussion category? Or would it be more appropriate to put it in Blog category? I’m guessing that you prefer to keep the Blog category topics managed by you - which I can totally understand and makes it more manageable.

And again, thank you for putting this together. This is my new favorite to jump into everyday to see what’s going on!


I set it up so readers can only post new topics under “General Discussion” and “Site Feedback”. That way, “Blog” will reflect the posts on WEB. You’ll notice, under Blog there are various sub-categories that mimic the subjects we talk about on the site; Bible Study, Devotions, etc. So I filed our blog posts in those subcategories to keep everything straight forward.

In your case, it sounds like you want to revive a topic from WEB to discuss here. Go for it, just place it under General Discussion and you’re good to go! :+1:t3: We can add more categories in the future if needed. For now, we’re just trying to get the show on the road.

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Sounds good! And I think you are wise to keep this as simple as possible for the time being and see how it evolves. Thanks again for putting this together!

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