Our nation is vanishing and we have ourselves to blame

Church attacks are increasing when our national identity is being erased. It’s no coincidence and you can’t blame it all on the libs…

We are all to blame.

For decades, we looked the other way. We allowed wars, and gave away freedom by allowing the TSA to take over our airports. We allowed the illegals in, and then hired them to mow our lawns and clean our houses. Then, the homosexuals came and we didn’t speak against that either. So our Christianity slipped some more.

Long before…

We destroyed small American businesses by allowing them to be outsourced by big box stores filled with “Made in China”. We didn’t mind, products were cheaper in $$$, and even though the quality suffered, we still bought products that quickly became junk.

Somehow, now that our nation is falling apart we are surprised or outraged and looking for someone to blame. The damage has been done over decades, it’s just finally coming to a head.

Long ago, we failed ourselves and our children…

All when we should have been standing up for God and Country, the entire time.

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Could not agree more! And yes, it has been going on for MANY decades. Food has been on my mind lately and If you really think about it, why did we, as a people, expect to purchase all of our food. People called that “progress” and then were led to believe that we needed to feed the world. We are all stuck in this system right now - we are paying our so-called leaders more and more so they can do what they want with our money - and honestly…we haven’t a CLUE where the majority of that money even goes.

One thing that made me feel really good was when I was shopping online for my son. Looking for some train related items and found the items I wanted. I compared the prices and said screw it - I’m going to pay more for these items and support smaller businesses.

Have I lost hope? NOPE!! I may have a few years ago, but not any longer. I know to put all of my trust in God. I no longer expect our government to do anything for the people regardless of who is in office. They will throw out little tidbits for the people, but that’s just to keep us stringing along in their vile games.

Agreed, If you are a baby boomer, the America that we knew and loved went into cardiac arrest two decades ago. Some say, 'well we are in the 21st century now man! As if that nullifies Gods law. The ten commandments are no longer in effect, get with the times dude! Leave that old fairy tale stuff behind. WRONG! Ecclesiastes 3;14-15 Ecclesiastes 10; 1-2-3-4 Ecclesiastes 1; 5thru 10 We would all be wise to turn off the television and open our bibles so we don’t lose sight of the truth and be deceived. Glory be to almighty God. Amen

We have been so happy since we turned off the news and actually all programs that the networks put out. (Except Goldrush and a few others) We all need to turn to God and put our trust in Him and Him alone!

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Amen Kay, All we can do is know that God is in charge and that everything that has happened and will happen will be exactly as written in the new testament. Timothy and Romans describes in detail what we are witnessing in these times. Things that we would have thought could never happen ,even in our wildest dreams are a reality today. it is not ours to worry and fret about the world, it is ours to guard our individual souls and remain faithful. Bottom line.

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