Our Fearful World, How To Overcome It

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The world is filled with fear and doom, isn’t it? It seems like we can’t get through a single day of fear before the next one rears its ugly head. What am I talking about? Just about everything. There’s fear over AI. There’s fear over the wars. There’s fear over the climate. There’s fear over…


With me its not as much fear as it is depression. I am a retired computer engineer and by nature am a “fixer”. Unfortunately, people can’t be fixed so while i try me best (and it isn’t easy most of the time) to be an example for Christ it often feels like trying to swim up Niagara Falls.


I agree. For me it is the everyday hassle that we must face due to the crooked and lazy world.

If people are living in fear now, then how will they endure what’s on the horizon?

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That there is some good medicine Brandon.

I’m going with a double dose of that extra strength.

thank you for posting that!

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Great post! I will admit there were a few years that I had the news on every waking hour. It was ridiculous :roll_eyes:. Even my son told me that it was stressing him out. Not good!! I am thankful to God that we were able to see through the scare tactics finally. Of course, during that time I would say I wasn’t fearful, but like you said…listening to it nonstop is not good for your health.

One thing to think about…marketing. How many people do you know that went to college and decided to get into marketing bc that was the thing to do! What do they teach you in marketing classes? How to sell…through all kinds of means. FEAR being one of the main tools. Also guilt. Using all different methods to get what you want. I guess that’s why my husband always said, “Marketing is one of America’s biggest downfalls.” I think he’s right!

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I agree Brandon, we’ve allowed fear to cloud our dependance on God and not the world!!

One of your statements, "Covid had a 99.9% fatality rate, it was hardly a world shattering event. ", I believe you meant survival rate, not fatality.

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So true Steve, and a big welcome brother.

By the way, I appreciate you letting me know about the mis-print. I took care of that.