Our drunken sailors keep on spending

I’m talking about the boys in DC.

They’ve been spending for decades, and since 2016, that debt escalated to record levels. Now, with rising interest rates, the interest on the debt is going through the roof! For each financed piece of debt that expires at the old cheaper rates, said debt must now be refinanced under the new higher rates.

Couldn’t our bright boys in power have locked in historic low rates? I don’t have the answer to that one off the top of my head, but I do know, the government cannot continue these massive deficits much longer.

Not at 5%+ interest.

If this keeps up, they’ll soon be paying 1/3 of all collected taxes to interest payments. Perhaps this will kneecap some of their frivolous spending and free money giveaways… One can only hope.

Here’s an article on the subject: How Higher Interest Rates Could Push Washington Toward a Federal Debt Crisis

Since the temporary funding of the government went through, it’ll be interesting to see what government does the next year, and especially with a potentially new administration after the next election.

America is in bad shape thanks to our drunken sailors.

well if they would quit sending money to ukraine, and stop giving everything to the ILLEGALS, and paying for them to come here, then possibly we would have more money!!!, but then they would probably spend that too! Gee whiz !

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They are Def drunk. They have drunken drug parties with prob x rated stuff going on. They Def do witchcraft.

Wow, Brandon. Your article is right on target! America is Godless, fiscally broke, and morally depraved. A nation can’t thumb its nose at Father and expect to be blessed. For America, this is only the beginning.

When their personal income is bottomless, they have no clue about debt or financial responsibility. When the big collapse happens, and it will, they still don’t have to worry with the wealth they have acquired. They might lose a great deal, but it won’t affect their daily provisions.

Trump campaigned on stopping every dollar going overseas till they prove they deserve it. It didn’t happen and I don’t think it is possible anymore.
Things are so interwoven, there and here. They have so many things on each other in Washington that if one bucks the system, he knows he will be exposed. We see this all the time when one doesn’t go along for the ride. Someone always comes forward with the skeleton in the closet, whether real or invented to shut them down.

I personally believe the deadly wound is tied to all the world debt. It has been propped up for years now. If any business operated this way, it would be over in a year or two.