Our Days Are Like Shadows That Pass Away

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Do you ever think about how short life is? Always cherish precious moments, which are, every single moment of your life.


Beautiful and so true. But I don’t like getting drowned in the past with old photos. I have many on Google drive but I don’t see them so often. I could fall in some kind of depression. It is no Bueno. I know I’ve spent the most of my time with the family. It is the gift of God. And enjoy eating and drinking(mostly coca cola). And enjoy and give thanks to God for each and every day He gifts to me.
I have an 8 years old lady! And a ten years old Popeye! And a teen with fourteen and an early woman with 21. I know I’m gifted just watching the world today. And a loving wife of course.
Enjoy this beautiful family brother! You and all the members of this forum


I found this post so interesting bc you picked Ecclesiastes. That is the book that helped me the most when my dad died. It all clicked for me when I studied it right after his passing. Yes, we are to live and enjoy life here in the flesh! But also, this book made me realize that everything in this flesh world is vanity. Just plain and simple vanity. And we are only here for a speck in time compared to eternity.

And I’m so happy you saved ALL those pictures!! I have LOTS of the same kind of pics of my son and I like to click thru them really fast to see his actions. And yes, it makes me emotional sometimes to see how fast that has gone by.

There was something my next door neighbor said to me that has always stuck with me. She came over to see my son and as she was holding him said, “As he grows, don’t be sad about him growing up and missing the days gone by because there are so many more exciting things that will still be coming, even when they are full grown adults with their own kids”. (I’m paraphrasing that bc I can’t remember her exact words.) It’s probably obvious that she was older woman. She had 3 adult boys that she raised. I also played with her youngest when I was kid! When this wonderful lady passed, I made sure to tell her sons what their mother told me and what a positive impact that made on my life. <3

Okay…sorry…I kind of digressed again…


I had Ecclesiastes read at my mom’s funeral.


Excellent choice! I’m just so thankful that my dad died before the whole covid crap came out. It was a true blessing!!

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