Oregon becomes America's first 'death tourism' destination

To some, this may actually sound like a good idea. End the pain early. Yet, this is how it always starts. It always starts out as a sympathetic cause, and then it rapidly changes.

If this takes off, as it has in other liberal nations, then people who are tired of life or dirt poor will be able to seek assisted suicide. This has already happened in other nations. It’s a bad road, people have been dying since the dawn of man, we don’t need to intervene and play God.

  • Oregon has become America’s first ‘death tourism’ destination, where terminally ill people from other states can seek assisted suicide.
  • In Portland, at least one clinic has started receiving out-of-staters who have less than six months to live.

From what I have read , Obamacare also created oversight panels in all hospitals that determine who receives life saving treatments, life prolonging treatments or comfort till death treatment, that amounts to keeping the person heavily sedated until death occurs. Doctors cannot administer any life saving procedure without permission from the panel. Determining factors may include the patients age, lifestyle, social and economic situation previous treatments for the same illness and overall health. this has been the practice in America for a decade now. So rather than assisted suicide, it’s controlled suffering until death occurs. If there are any people in the medical profession out their, I would like your input. Is this really happening?

Interestingly enough, the Rs never got rid of it. Nevertheless, none of that is true Kevin. I know from personal and private experience.

I would hope not. I head that from a surgeon guest on Glen Beck radio. He stated that as fact .??
'the Rs? [rumors]