Nuclear doom is trending

We talked recently about the U.S. resuming nuclear weapons testing.

Russia responded,

“The United States must understand that conducting full-scale tests, for which the infrastructure in Nevada is reportedly prepared, will force us to respond in kind,” the ministry said in a statement. -

Due to world chaos,

Moreover, we know China is expanding its nuclear arsenal as well.


A nuclear bomb being developed by the Biden administration could wreak havoc in Moscow. - Nuclear Bomb Map Shows Impact if Biden's New Weapon Dropped on Russia

How much havoc?

How about 300,000 dead.

They used a simulator to come up with that number, the same simulator I shared with you in the past concerning nuclear weapons.

It’s troubling to see man continue to race toward his own destruction. As wise as we are, we continually show how stupid we are. Instead of seeking harmony, man seeks death in order to obtain more wealth and power at the expense of the average Joe.

Jas 4:2 Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

We forgot about God.

We forgot to ask Him for the things we need, not the things we want.

When you leave God our of your life, it begins to look like these headlines.

Death, doom, and destruction.

Ensure your Christian house is in order.


We have more broken treaties between Russia and NATO

The CFE Treaty was signed in 1990 by the Soviet bloc and NATO members in the last months of the Cold War. It put limits on the number of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, helicopters, and aircraft stationed in Europe.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that while the deal initially helped to stabilize the security framework in Europe, the US-led military bloc later started to overtly bypass the restrictions, including by admitting new members.

Thanks for updates Brandon! What interesting times we have upon us…

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Hell with wings.

I’ll add to that another fact. every single person on this planet living today, will do so, only for a short while no matter what happens. If you win a gazillion dollars in the lottery, It will not save you. We all begin the dying process the very moment we draw our first breath. some will die sooner, some latter, some by natural causes and some as the result of a fatal accident or succumb to one or more of millions of illnesses. Those unpredicted deaths happen in a hundred and fifty some trillion ways, by chance, but unavoidable. Absolutely no chance or any way to avoid or prevent your body from ageing and finally dying. forget it! However there is refuge, and it is the only one. there is no other! Check it out, look into it,