Now they realize Covid censorship was a bad idea and the scam involved

You know, I cannot help but sigh.

I remember as Covid was unfolding, I remember saying, if this all goes away, the world’s going to realize they messed up by censoring people. Not to mention, they’ll discover all the fraud from the trillions of dollars the government(s) printed, all to save the world from the mess they created.

Well, here we are three years later, and even the mainstream can see the folly. They couldn’t then, but they sure do now! They’re even experts now!

It’s why I said during the whole pandemic, mark all these people on the left and right telling you this and that, and see who turns out to be right. Far too many people played and got played on the left and right. It was all about fear and panic.

In the end, the government gets the blame for starting this whole saga. For spreading fear via national emergancies when just 50 people died from Covid.

What a disaster.

The saddest part is that most people won’t even take the time to realize the scam. It is still going to be the right blaming the left and the left blaming the right.

I approached people who said I was a lunatic for my nonbelief in the masks, the covid nonsense, shutdowns etc., and they still change the subject and continue to complain about the high prices, anything Godly etc. A smoking gun would not convince these people.