Now The Government Cares About Our Southern Border?

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If you’re like me — suddenly — you’re noticing more chatter about our southern border crisis. Suddenly, illegal immigration is a heavily discussed topic on Capitol Hill. Suddenly… Why now? Is the border crisis that much worse than a couple of months ago? Nope. The answer… It’s election year my friends! Not to mention, there…

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Yada, yada, yada…We can tell they are all fibbing to us again because their mouths are moving.

They are all treasonous traitors on both sides of the aisle.

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So much for the “Conservative” Supreme court justice Barrett, ruling against allowing a state to protect it’s own border from an actual invasion. Not that they were doing a great job before…

I believe there is a chapter concerning ACB in this book.

And the reason Trump appointed all these bad people…he’s in on it, just like all the rest!

My words exactly. Why now?

Brandon, If you can find a Mexican willing to work for $6.40 an hour please let me know.
Anyone who has laid brick, poured concrete, hung drywall or built chain link fence knows that it is hard work. However most people don’t realize that it requires ‘skill’. Also those trades demand speed and volume in order to be profitable and competitive. I have been involved in all of the trades I mentioned all of my life. I can tell you factually that the majority of Mexicans that I hired 30 yrs ago are now self employed competitors and they pay top dollar to their employees that are mostly family members. Another myth about Mexican workers is that they are grunt workers. NOT SO. They are job foreman’s, heavy equipment operators, welders. Iron workers etc. for people who think Mexicans are simply picking up trash or shoveling sand all day you are sadly mistaken. They are making their way in America exactly like the European immigrants did in the early 20th century and for the same reasons.
Great change and reshaping of America happened at the beginning of the 20th century and it appears to be happening again. I predict that they are not going away.

For clarity, no one has a problem with Mexicans.

We have a problem with illegal immigrants.

I understand that. But the majority are Mexican. I agree that now we have a new problem with people from all over the world coming in at the southern and northern borders that are not coming to work, they have other ideas. The reason I responded with what I said is because I hear that everyday. ‘those damn Mexicans are stealing our jobs’. No, we raised a lazy an entitled generation that gave them their jobs. I had a dump truck driver who was delivering a load of gravel to us, make the comment 'man, that’s a rare sight. I asked, why is that? He replied that it’s a rare sight to see a group of ‘all white’ guys and a fat old man pouring concrete. He was right, after I thought about it.

I think we have 2 sides of the coin here.

One side, the people who come here legally and work in the trades, start a business, etc., they have to pay all the things required of them as those who were born here. Many do great work, drywall, tile etc. They get paid the same as the rest.

The other side of the coin is those who come illegally, taken advantage of by their employers, using our standards of fairness, not theirs, taxes are not paid. These generally are not in the trades, fruit and vegetable pickers, etc. It is hard to have these in the trades due to documentation.

Would Americans want to do those jobs, the young generation we have now?

The other scenario is off the coin. They come here because Uncle Sam is Santa Claus. I would expect many are not Mexicans. Migrated from farther south.