Now that’s a racist pastor!

Boy, the church is a hot mess, let me tell you. I found some quotes from a pastor that I wanted to share, these guys are fomenting racism and calling it the Word of God. That’s something else.

“God is using the African American church to be an agent of change for our community,” he said, referring to financial donations.

God’s not using all churches?

Can you imagine a pastor saying, “God is using the White Church?” :smile: That would go over real well, but when we flip the script, it’s a-okay. That right there tells you, it’s wrong. There should never ever be a double standard.

“We don’t live by bread alone but by our giving we provide a voice, we provide funding to the voice of change. And so when we don’t give particularly to African American churches, or churches that believe the gospel is justification by faith and social justice, when I don’t give to those environments, I’m perpetuating the Tyre Nichols situations of our society. So don’t be angry about it if you’re not going to fund the voice of change. That’s what giving is about,” he said.

So he guilts his congregation into giving in the name of his political cause. I thought we give to help the church and keep it growing and sustainable?

If Tyre Nichols were White, “the Black policemen would’ve politely asked him for his license and registration . . . and courteously set him on his way,” Anderson claimed

You got to be kidding me?

This guy needs to step away from the pulpit. He’s doing a disservice not only to God, but society. It’s people like this guy who keep racism alive. It’s people like this guy who keep us divided.

“Don’t you think ‘cause you’re in that office you’re one of them. . . . Don’t you think because your name is on the desk or on the door that they’re going to treat you any differently. Any time they get a chance, they’re gonna bring you down! That’s why you better come back over here and meet us,” he said.

One of them?

Does the guy mean an American?

His real message is, keep coming back on Sunday and dropping your bits in my dish. Sad state of affairs my friends. People should give when they feel led and fed, not because they are guilted into it.

By the way, since when do sermons include such deep political and social discussions?


Def agree. Not a good message.

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Exploiting ignorance and fueling hate and fear for profit. 180 degrees from the word of God.


All of these black race baiters always have one thing in common.

They always have Reverend or Pastor in front of their names.

Still waiting for their sermons on black on black crimes.

He is serving his second term as State Representative in the North Carolina General Assembly. According to his bio.

God is using the African American church to be an agent of change for our community,” he said, referring to financial donations.

I have to agree with him here. The problem is, change isn’t always on the positive side.

Or Dr. get on up outta here! you aint no doctor!