NOT KIDDING: Oregon lawmakers pass bill to recriminalize drug possession

You just can’t make this stuff up.

First, they wanted everyone to be on drugs to reduce the amount of drugs people are on. Turns out — shocker — even more people are strung out. So, they’re changing the law once again. These people are governing by trial and error.

Bunch of stinking commie Pole Kats! :skunk:

Them dad blasted varmits !

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Must be easier to lock the barn door after all the horses run away. Probably they are really good at Monday morning quarterbacking too.

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As a teenager in the 60s, i am no stanger to drugs. Did my fair share in my youth in California, (never did hard drugs only recreational), it was common practice for people in the computer industry. However, i quickly grew up and realized that it was not something that i wanted to continue be a part of my life. I wanted to be my best self and also be a better example for those around me. So i just stoped. Just that simple. Unfortunatly with the the lack of personal ethics and self responsibility today people just continue to spiral down the "lets escape from reality " rabbit hole and legalizing drugs and providing drug parifnalia is akin to throwing gasoline on an out of control fire. Then again drug addicts are much easier to control than coherent informed people.