Nord Stream sabotage, who dun it?

The plot thickens…

Poland’s former Foreign Minister tweeted this, and then deleted it (archived).

Flashback from February:

Conveniently enough, there is a new pipeline in town called the Baltic Pipe. Here’s a segment on this whole fiasco. Things are getting really ugly.

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I agree with the “getting ugly” part. I am in dis belief at how many people I speak with have no idea of any of this “overseas” stuff. I guess football season has started…

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The entire world is at stake. Trump offers to head up talks to end Russia/Ukraine catastrophe . when i saw that headline today, it did not give me a great feeling. what if they pulled something like this off. would they say he is god? I think we would be headed for some really big trouble.

He sure loves the spotlight.

Yes, the whole Nord Stream pipeline incident is a major development. Someone just blew up a pipeline connecting one country to another that supplies its source of natural gas. This is a terrorist attack of epic proportions.

Who dun it?

It doesn’t make sense for Russia, that’s their source of income.

The core problem here is what the West is after and what Russia is after. Two different mind sets seeking different things.


More and more people are saying the Nord Stream pipeline attack was the action of the United States.

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More juice!

Douglas McGregor, retired US Army colonel and former adviser to the head of the Pentagon during Donald Trump’s presidency believes the US or UK attacked Nord Stream.

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To me, it would only make sense that the US was involved. Of course, Putin is pretty sneaky that way as well. I just feel like we need to realize that it’s all a show to them - which way can they pull the people. I can picture them all laughing at all the people as they swing one way and then the other - get angry, feeling despair, losing hope - exactly what they want. it’s time people put their trust in God and not the government…

2004 Flashback:

In January 1982, President Ronald Reagan approved a CIA plan to sabotage the economy of the Soviet Union through covert transfers of technology that contained hidden malfunctions, including software that later triggered a huge explosion in a Siberian natural gas pipeline, according to a new memoir by a Reagan White House official.

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I did not know that, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. There would have been a time where I would have made excuses for Reagan (or other leaders), but not anymore. Heck, I was making excuses for Trump as well. :face_vomiting:

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It was initially reported, Nord Stream I and II were damaged, now, maybe II is not damaged… The saga continues!

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In case you didn’t already hear, a journalist claims to have a source that revealed it was the U.S. Navy who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.

While this isn’t exactly proof, it’s what I figured was the case all along. I’m sure most of you shared those thoughts. Meanwhile, the Western media said it was Russia. Yeah, sure it was.

This amount to terrorism by one nation state against another. Financial and or otherwise. This has placed Europe in a bind as they have to reach new deals to obtain fuel. This further shows us the level the West will go to in order to destroy Russia, the world’s largest nation on earth. Imagine the wealth under the soil the evil of the world say to themselves.

The usa did it as a false flag. But biden said last feb he would do it then when it happened said he didn’t lol. Usa is the king of false flags.

Monkey Werx knew this two days after it happened, so did Sweden’s and others --all was walked backed. So, MW puts it all together for the proof, or smoking gun if you will.
If you just want the pipeline info watch 22min -34. If you want update on war, continue watching (starts about 39min). If you want to really be a nerd, watch all :laughing: I found MW in early 2021, he has good nuggets. Bonus, he loves the Lord!
SITREP 2.10.23 - Nord Stream 2 Pipeline - Play by Play - YouTube

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Russian gas still flows to Europe, but through… Ukraine!