No red wave... Not shocked

No red wave… Not shocked.

The Republicans placed “election deniers” front and center. I’ve always had questions about elections. Yet, the biggest issues facing our nation are inflation, debt, illegal immigration, crime, and never-ending wars.

That should have been the focus.

They couldn’t sweep the election with Biden in power. That speaks volumes! The Republican party might want to change gears and ditch the baggage.

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I agree. With inflation what it is, plus it being the #1 concern of the voters, the wave was more of a trickle. Also, if I am correct, most that got the big endorsement lost.


This is “their” new normal for us.
Not for me.


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The show is still going on, but it turns out that “white powdery substance” in the letter to Lake didn’t exist according to police. There was no substance in the letter at all.

We knew it once Lake’s crew announced it, so it was a campaign stunt. I think integrity is a word from long ago.