“No kid zones” in South Korea

This must be one of the most bizarre stories I’ve ever read.

There are “no kid zones” in South Korea. There’s even an establishment that is a “no-over-40 zone”. All of this in a country with the lowest fertility rate.

This is all pathetic. I’m so angry at this. What clever tactics to even get people to be cool with certain things in the first place. Just like here and everywhere. It is so sad. Really gives us more examples of how much we truly need to be like a Berean!

YOU really got to read this! Help us to better prepare and be aware of the psychological tactics of war against us all (happening now n till the end) ,and the spiritual battle we are in now and the spiritual war ahead!

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I saw this in Florida. The adults that knew how to discipline their children in public were not against it. When they paid for a sitter to have a night out, the last thing they wanted to experience was someone else’s child running around like an animal.

Those who used the restaurant as their babysitter were against it.