Newsom: The system is about to break

California Governor Newsom on illegal immigration:

“The fact is, what we’ve got right now is not working, and it’s about to break… unless we take some responsibility and ownership.”

Who said it’s our responsibility to take care of another nation’s citizens? Insanity!

Down with Grusome Newsom. he thinks he is so wonderful. bet he eats steaks and good food, probably has maids too. jerk! Brandon you should have a thumbs down on your site, because i would fill the whole page up with them. how about putting up tar and feathers too while your at it.

That state was not working and already broken before anyone crossed the border. People homeless and living on the streets, bankrupt.
These intellectuals want to make horrendous discissions then blame others when they fail and won’t help pay for their mistakes. Those who want the no border policy can open up their homes and wallets. Nothing short of Pharisee mentality.


Ohh, but it gets so much better my Bible-believing friends!


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If and when they get their check, and get hit with the 50% tax rate, the crying will start all over again. :sleepy: :sneezing_face: :cold_sweat:

Oh for pete’s sake this is never going to end! let’s see; money for reparations, helicopter money to transgenders, money, housing, education, medical care for the illegals, big question: where is all this money going to come from?

Come on Gwen, you know. If the rich would just pay some tax, all the debt would go away, and everything would be peas and carrots. :beers: