Nearly half of all cancer cases are linked to obesity

You know folks, in the end, all you have is your health.

Health is wealth.

Our way of life is so vastly different than at any other time in history. I mean, back in the day, society was skinny. Heck, that told you who was poor. Anyone who didn’t have meat on their bones, didn’t have any meat to eat. These days, poor people are the thick ones! It’s bizarre. We live at a time and in a country where we have so much.

However, as with anything in life. Too much of one thing is bad mojo. So lay off the cheeseburgers and creampuffs and go for a walk or jog if the bones allow it. It’s good for you. Mankind was never meant to just sit around and consume food all the time.

Read proverbs, the blessings of God is for a man to work hard under the sun and come home and enjoy a good meal. Not a thanksgiving day feast everyday while in the recliner.

Hey, I just want you to be healthy and happy, and so does God. :+1:t3: