NATO Will Be In A Fight With Russia: US Def Sec

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The ol fear-o-meter was cranked up a couple more notches the other day. Our esteemed U.S. Defense Secretary, Mr. Lloyd Austin was the cranker. Yes, the same Austin who forgot to tell his boss about the whole hospital fiasco a few weeks back. Well, now this fine chap is spreading more war doom across the…


Obviously the U.S governing body and constitution worked very well for a period when the vast majority including the people were like minded and shared the same principles and beliefs and moral code. Then, 'the few that despised Christianity discovered how to use our constitution against it and the will of the majority. Over three decades they found their way into the governing body. A decade later here we are. We are already seeing a thinning of the herd, 'those who are true believers from those who say they are. The persecution is only beginning. Our faith is going to be tested like never before.

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I had a guy tell me that we need to stop Putin because he was the next Hitler. But then he also said our economy was doing better than it had been for years. :rofl: