My experience with Illinois Democratic political ads

Hi Brandon and sNOwflakes,
Love your blog and comments. I live in Illinois and am very disgusted by the Democratic political ads claiming abortion is the number 1 issue facing Illinoisans. Forget crime-ridden Chicago, spiraling inflation, outrageous gas prices, unemployment, homelessness, undrinkable water in several communities, etc. — abortion and a woman’s right to choose to murder her unborn child is Illinois citizens’ number 1 concern. Hogwash! I have heard so-called Christians tell me that a woman has the right to choose abortion in the case of rape and incest; despite the fact that rape and incest account for very few abortions: Rape and incest account for few abortions, so why all the attention?

I found this article in USA Today and hope you’ll check it out. Abortion is wrong regardless of how the child was conceived.

We live in a deceptive world; however, God is in control. We must be willing to draw the line, be critical thinkers, and stand for Him regardless of what this godless world tells us. He is our Sovereign.

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Oops! Here’s another article I meant to include: A Rape and Incest Exemption Would Still Ban More Than 98 Percent of Abortions | National Review

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Morning Faith!

Thanks for reading. I can only imagine the ads.

You are spot on about the real reasons for abortion. We even put together a Bible study on this What Does The Bible Say About Abortion? A quick hit for everyone else…

Rape accounts for just 1% of abortions, while incest makes up less than 0.5%. The most common reasons for abortion are:

74% – Having a baby would dramatically change my life.
73% – Can’t afford a baby now.
48% – Don’t want to be a single mother or having relationship problems.


Hi Brandon, I’m so glad you added the stats, and the link to your Bible study. I will definitely check it out. Take care. Faith


Thank you for the information!! Over in Michigan, it’s the same story.
Rape and incest etc etc…… I am not sure why people are falling for those statistics- they think most of abortions are from those crimes. I hope more people look into HOW an abortion is performed, especially those people holding “MY BODY MY CHOICE” signs.

Also, I am not sure why we as a very blessed and privileged nation are stuck in the stone age when it comes to calculating pregnancy. I mean, there’s a zillion apps, actual calendars digital and paper, websites, doctors, fertility tests, not to mention contraception etc etc TO track or, and PREVENT pregnancy. People have no accountability for any choices (having sex was a choice!) and so much vanity in themselves, they would rather kill a child than change their lifestyle to raise him/her.

Abortion at any gestation is murder. And completely horrific.

Thank you for a spot to vent, and having like minded Christians here to understand and see the deception in all of this!


Same story in Florida. In all the races, they try to drive it home. The leftists are always extremists. They always go to the least probable or actual situation to make their point.

They claim, Pro-life is taking away a women’s health rights. (Rape and incest) Who are we to tell them what to do.

Val Demings stated in the debate when pressured by Rubio that abortion should be permitted till the infant is viable. (Viable = Capable of living outside the uterus. Used of a fetus or newborn)

I’m not a doctor, but wouldn’t that cover all those who were conceived? How would you know if they were totally capable unless they are born?

Gun control is the other scenario that they are going to extremes on. Faith, you mentioned Chicago, but they don’t. If the liberal’s strict gun laws clean that mess up, then we can talk about gun control.

You can’t legislate morals; Locks are wasted on the law abiding.


Amen, Meaghan! You are spot on: Murder is murder. It’s all horrific. Accountability, denial, selfishness, sin. We should drop the abortion euphemism and just call it murder for that’s what it is.