My Conversation With An Agnostic

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Today, I’m going to share an email exchange I had with a reader the other day. They turned out to be agnostic, I figured they weren’t Christian from their initial question. You are going to learn, a big reason for Peg’s unbelief is due to common Christian teachings. Teachings that I believe to be false…


i have talked to people like this and you do not get anywhere, i believe you are going to believe what you will believe. most people have been brained washed into this type of thing. i did not read all the things that she said, because i know where it leads. they think we are weak because we believe in the bible, boy is she in for a rude awaking at the end.(the last day)


Thank you for sharing this. Unfortunately this is all too common of an occurrence. Even people within organized religion don’t always believe what is stated in the Bible. It’s sad - but still they continue to go to church every Sunday because “it’s the right thing to do”.

Over the last few weeks I have really been thinking about my beliefs and where in the bible they are written. I feel like I have a lot of digging to do - and when I get stuck, I will be sure to bring it to this forum for a discussion. That is exactly how we all grow in our Christian faith.

I will always still plant seeds of truth to people, even if they’re blinded. You never know if that person will one day come back and ask questions.

I thought the way you handled this conversation was very wise. Find the areas that the person has a strong conviction with and not get into other areas where it isn’t as strong. I easily get side-tracked when talking with people, which I am working on.

Thank you again and I agree with Gwen - I love the Christmas lights!!


Hopefully someday the bitterness and anger can melt away so some truth can pierce her thick amour. You can always talk yourself into blaming someone else instead of looking inside. Drinking the poison can ruin a person.

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From the time I was in grade school , more than 60 years ago, I was always the nerd (knew the speed of light, watched Mr, Wizard on TV, etc.) and yet had a deep rooted belief in God and Christ. For years i struggled with “Science vs faith in God”. I now know, in great part to your Bible studies Brandon, that these struggles where the result of incorrect teachings that i recived when in church growing up. Belive me I question everything i see and/or hear. When i asked questions growing up like “how can a all loving God condemn souls to eternal torture for any reason,” i always recieved the same old line "it is not for us and/or sinful to question God. I always wondered why God blessed me with a brain if he didnt intend for me to use it. I began to doubt my faith. You are very right Brandon. Teaching false/incorrect doctrine is dangerous as i experienced the results of this first hand. This forum was the first time in my life i was exposed to open and honest alternate interpretations of scriptue which allowed me to reread scripture without all of the preconceived ideas which so confused me all my life.
Unfortunately people like Peg are the opposite side of the same coin as Christians who refuse to study and think . They are all caught up in the this is what i belive and dont try to confuse me with facts or logic. I pray all mankind would just open their mind and listen to others ideas and their reasons for why the belive as they do. I truly belive God’s true word would win every time because it is the only truth that is universal and completely unites believe in physical science and God.


I remember back in the day one of my questions that could never be answered was “why is Easter always on a different day”. It always bugged me. I should have written down all the answers.


Great job @brandon in handling this. Thank you also for sharing it. I think we should all pray for Peg and the thousands she represents.

Also, let’s pray for Christians that share unbiblical “truths” that do more harm than good. It gives someone down the road a real struggle to try and bring them back around.

Father, we ask that you reveal yourself to Peg. That your love will win her over. That truth would become easy for her to see and understand. Cause her to have the ability to see and hear what the Word means to her. WE also pray for Christians that are sharing things that are simply not Biblical. We ask God that you would reveal truth to them. Thank you for @brandon and the work you have given him and all you do through his families’ ministry.

In Jesus name, Amen


Kay, it’s one of the reasons (I think) is why its important to know the enemy when in war…and no I’m not talking about the flesh inhabitors, but the philosophies/ideologies/ beliefs (might even call that “religion power”) that have gotten into the world. to me, that aligns with “how” sin entered in…via the “ideas” brought forth from the knowledge of good AND evil…not Father, but the other tree who had both and didn’t mind at all making sure “evil” information/lie fruit gets spread in earth. We lose many of God’s children to being “not God’s children” with the lies all over the place. many will get driven away by the saying “this earth is only 6k years old” and so many other inaccuracies taught. Or that man came from ape, yet according to that “theory/lie” we would have to see all (or most) stages of that present at this very time (half ape half man, IOW). Most of the people in my school days were either Catholic or “Jews”…it was the neighborhood. Interesting things I learned. Anyway, we need to know who/what/where the enemy fruit is, if we are to watch…else how could we see–and I’m not talking about just a lineage.


Fantastic! Stephen Meyer. Creation Geneticist on YouTube. Makes it quite clear of the intelligent design fact! God is real! :pray::grin:

Soak on that Peg! The goldie locks theory, the God particle theory! There is SO much that proves intelligent design! One would have to be in free- will deniance of the Creator! YEHOVAH! Don’t go their!:pray::innocent::point_up_2::facepunch::grin:

My dad always said, “the probability of man, an infinitely complex being, evolving into what we are, would be like taking a Rolex watch, which is incredibly less complex, totally apart, throwing all the parts into a field and having them come together over time as a complete working machine”.

It would never happen.


Steven, thank you for a very open and honest comment. we are are very close to the same age and I identified with everything you wrote. I raised up in a deep water southern Baptist hell fire and brimstone church. Of all of the preaching I was subjected to at a very young age did not coincide with what I felt in my heart, I was very confused to the point that I rejected the church and never went again. Even though I avoided and resented the organized religion I had been subjected to I always knew that I had a very real relationship with God from a very young age. I always loved old people and would listen intently to their life stories and words of wisdom and served me well. Finally at age 60 I began reading scripture, ‘really reading it’ like I had never done before. When I read the gospels I cried, laughed, felt joy and shame. I also realized that the holy spirit had came into my heart all of those years ago and had been with me the entire journey through all of the trials, the hardship and sorrow. Faith is key. without it we are condemned already. there is no hope. no peace. What is faith? Who do you call when you need a ride home from work? someone you know will come? why do you know they will come? how can you be sure? Well, because that person loves me and cares about me. How do you know that? well, because I just know it, I can’t explain it, I just know. Hmmm.

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Thanks Brandon, I hear people like Peg all the time. They are searching and not finding Truth because as The Father said I have closed their ears and eyes because they have not understanding. One day Peg will look up and know the Truth in your answers and she will know you weren’t arguing with her, you were answering her question. But of course her ears and eyes are closed now so until the 1000 yrs begins she’ll just walk around in ‘confusion’. Until then I’ll pray Father touches her and opens her eyes.
Regardless of her unbelief she is loved…
Thx again Brandon!


for anyone that believes in ‘theory’ Would you be willing to accept a life sentence in prison, your guilt based on probabilities? Theoretically you are clearly guilty. Theory is a word used when the facts are not known and can’t be known to man. As in infinity. where does space end, how can it be infinite. If it does end , what’s on the other side of it and how far does that continue? The truthful answer to those questions is that 'we don’t have a clue! we only have theories. assumptions, probabilities none of which are known FACTS. We are still looking for bugs on our closest planets. Very sobering to imagine just how vulnerable mankind is to earths atmosphere, our weather, the universe, galaxies. The earth is merely a microscopic speck of dust in the big picture and as far as we know the only planet that can sustain life.

I love space and the unknown Mr. Kevin, but you’re so very correct.

That reminds me of this Devotion I wrote, The Bible Was Inspired By The Holy Spirit. Science cannot prove a darn thing, even they admit as much, which is mind-numbing since that’s not how science is portrayed in society.

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