My blessing today.

In the building process we needed to drill a well. Our first well driller never showed and could not be reached.
During the wait time for another, I talked to neighbors to find out what their well depth was. One was China, another home closet to our lot, 3 lots away, was 700 feet. Some others were 500 feet. This started to bother me knowing the cost etc. of a deep well.

Our builder is a Christian as well as some of his workers. I told them weeks ago in passing about the average depth in the area and said, pray for a shallow well. When talking to the new driller, he drilled numerous wells in the development and said he remembered some were 700 feet.

The driller squeezed us in his schedule, which is a year out, and showed up yesterday to set up to drill today. One of the builder’s workers stopped by in the morning to check on the concreters, we got to talking scripture and when he left, I told him, pray for a shallow well.

The driller hit rock at 65 feet, hit some water at 120 feet, hit a little more at around 200 and hit another decent amount around 250-275. He finished the drill at 300 and the table came up to 60 feet from the surface.
I forgot to mention that my prayer depth was 250-300.

The builder called me around 2pm and asked how it was going. I told him it was done, and they were getting ready to leave the site and he was surprised. I told him prayer works.

I want to publicly thank the Lord for the answered prayers. God is good.


I cannot love this more!!! Praise God - He is so very good all the time! I was surprised to hear some were at 700 ft!!

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I know. It was one of those times when the flesh mind fights you telling you all the negative, putting all the doubt in your head and you have to keep telling it to shut up.


Such a cool story and a great reminder that God can make anything happen.


Thank you Lord so much for all these blessings In Jesus Christ Name Amen !!!