More often than not, life is about perspective

Someone else may even see the letter “g”.


If you notice, I put a heart on this originally…but i would like to say that now I know, with certainty, this is incorrect. God is a God of absolutes! Those are numbers written from Latin… they are confusing. But in the original Greek and Hebrew, they are very distinct.

Look up the timeline of when Latin supposedly originated.

Right after the DEATH AND RESURRECTION of Christ.

Latin is called “the dead language”.

And “What is right.” is only determined by the Holy Spirit (the seven attributes of the holy spirit)

Jesus told us clearly that he came to fulfill the law! To “fill it full”. It was COMPLETE. The Holy Spirit was now all we needed to navigate this “death”. (We are “living” in darkness, torment, wailing and gnashing of teeth, people seeking to die, but cant!!! But because of the Abrahamic Covenant, we as the 13th Tribe of Mannaseh are still so abundantly blessed!!! That’s why we are so blind to just how real the darkness is…it’s all we’ve ever known. We were born into darkness!!! And the Prince of Darkness has been reigning… That is why the good die young. That is why “bad things” happen to good people. They are too good for this dark and disastrous earth. We do not have to ask for FORGIVENESS…He paid it all, already knowing what we were going to do. That is the millstone we all walk around with on our necks, (in our hearts and minds). He said I cast them as far as the east is from the west, so we could fully grasp the depth, the complete and total atonement for man falling for temptation.

It’s not ABC… It’s just ’ A’… accept.