Misinformation research is buckling

Ahh yes, misinformation, it’s everyone’s favorite topic…

Lots of organizations and educational centers have been fighting it. The unfortunate thing, “misinformation” is anything that is not politically convenient for said party. If you’re “woke,” well then, everything is misinformation that does not align with your belief.

Beautiful huh?

So these orgs have been shutting down anything that disagrees with their rationale. Thankfully, this is beginning to be shut down thanks to lawsuits from courageous people on the right.

Don’t expect to get that perspective from this link though. :grin:

I personally don’t think the lawsuits will do anything. Sure they will get people to send money to those that are fighting it and it will create more division - just furthering satan’s plan. :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that people are standing up for what’s righteous, but only God knows the hearts of those that are standing up - is it for money, votes or actually from the heart.

Hey Brandon and Kay,

I’m not surprised by the misinformation chaos.

In my opinion, this all began when people started speaking in terms of “my truth”, “your truth.” In other words they tout that “truth” is relative to an individual and not based on God’s Word. Instead of basing truth on God’s Biblical principles and truths, Godless people make truth claims based on false authenticity. And their claims are made true or false based on what they “feel” and “believe” rather than by the way the world actually is and God’s Word reveals it is.

The result: Misinformation spreading like a forest fire.


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