Miller Lite tells Bud, “Hold my beer”

Culture wars!

The clowns are running the circus.

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According to the media. White heterosexual males are the only people on the planet who deserve to be ridiculed, beaten or shot even. They are portrayed on all commercials and sitcoms as the little sissy pants dumb guy. Often causing eye rolls from the superior black males, oriental males, Mexican males, homosexuals and all women. The message? White strait guys are idiots
Now, 'before you comment on that, start paying attention to the dominant roles in all TV commercials and television sitcoms. It is so obvious, and it’s everywhere.
BEER : if you prefer a brand because of their adds, cool label, or because it seems popular and you want to fit in.
You are not a beer drinker who truly enjoys a brew for its taste and crispness. I would like to see an add that simply states, 'we make quality beer. that is all we do and we are very good at it. Hey! don’t take my word for it. you be the judge. end of commercial.


There is only one decision that needs to be made and I’ll admit, it is a tough one. Which one do you flush down the toilet first?

If I am going to crack a cold one, it isn’t going to be light toilet water or tranny juice. The only reason women are degraded on commercials is because they are a joke to themselves and what the $$$. Hence the tight sweater and short skirt.

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Me, being a woman, finds this despicable to absolutely stupid!!

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And actually - Budweiser and Miller are not even real beer! At least the Miller ad got the “bear scat” part right!

Your right, they aren’t real beer.

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and how idiotic it is to associate your brand of ‘beer’ with feces? No, I don’t think I want any of that.

you know what I really find disgusting, that these people have imagined that clever entertaining adds take precedence over the actual quality of the product. tradition, consistency, never changing. Say like, ‘Tabasco’ ‘WD40’ for example. always the same, household names. Budweiser was an American icon. their name was right up there with Corvette, Harley Davison , Nascar, the NFL and on and on. 100 yrs to earn that, and one stupid commercial ended it. Do you want to be known for making beer? or being a manipulator of social opinion? Obviously, they were too stupid to know the answer to that question.

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Don’t forget Duct tape. :smiley:


Lord no! I call it 90mph tape. aint pretty, 'but it’ll hold it till you get home. you can count on it! Good one! snow man

BUT - have you noticed that you have to by the stronger tape now? The original DUCK tape is not really the original - it’s not as sticky. I learned that the hard way.

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Yep, some younger women set themselves up for ridicule… (never seen older ladies doing this) wearing replicas of women’s VA-J-J over their faces on their shoulders? Is that all they believe they are? If they have no respect for themselves, why do they expect others to respect them or their bodies? Just sayin’

just in My wife made a trip to the grocery store today and saw Bud lite peddling Heritage label Harley Davidson. cans. That is pitiful, and disrespectful to your once loyal customers. do you really think people are that stupid. Surprised HD would be willing to be associated with sissy beer. It signals to me that HD is going woke also. Time to trade in the HD for a good ol’ Honda.

Trust me…Harley Davidson is not the same Harley Davidson they once were. Just like most other iconic brands. I truly believe they hire some new corporate head honcho that is paid to make the company fail. Either a competitor
or a government official or whoever. You see that in so many large corporations.

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The banks are woke. you no go woke , you no get loans. Not only that , but every single iconic company, custom, tradition, religion and people from conventional or historic American culture are being mocked, torn down and erased at a high rate of speed it seems.

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