Middle East War Front Escalates, What Next?

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The Middle East is beginning to boil over. The kids and I were playing finance last night when we noticed S&P 500 futures start to tank. We knew right away, Israel attacked Iran. Sure enough, we pulled up a few websites and vague details started to pour in. We even caught a couple of interviews,…


Interesting developments…

It appears Israel is not publically taking credit for the attack on Iran last night.

Israeli official security and governmental sources told The Jerusalem Post on Friday: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Israel retaliated where they were attacked.”

That said, officially, Israel will not accept responsibility for this attack for strategic reasons. Sources explain that the Iranians claim it was an “explosion at a factory” because they wish to avoid escalation. Israeli sources told the Post that it’s unclear why the Pentagon disclosed to the American media that Israel was involved; they could have remained silent, they say. They could have preserved Iran’s dignity and avoided escalating the situation on their own. - Israeli sources to Post: Not clear why Pentagon leaked info on attack - The Jerusalem Post

Except, the U.S. already spilled the beans last night.

It also appears, at least for right now, Iran is downplaying the attack and not linking it to Israel, publically that is. We all know what happened.

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Come Lord Jesus come. Amen

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At least Bibi knows who the enemies are. Unfortunately his primary ally does not.
Even if they did, our current leader[s] are handcuffed by their own corruption. How could they make threats or demands to foreign leaders that have lined their pockets and could reveal their treasonous acts? I will never forget Trumps response to Kim Jun Un making serious threats to the U.S during Trumps term. Trump looked into the camera on world news and warned Kim that if he harmed the U.S or any of it’s interests, That the U.S will unleash a fury on your country that the world has never seen before. Didn’t hear anymore from the the little fat guy until Biden Took over. Now he is more brazen than ever, along with the rest of our enemies. It seems our enemies are being patient knowing that the U.S will continue to destroy itself unless strong leadership regains control. You can bet that they are watching political events in America very closely.

To tie in here, more aid for Israel, Ukraine and even Taiwan, but not a word about the border…

No one cares about it.


It’s bringing in more consumers, which equals more profits for corporations.

The legislation includes $60 billion for Kyiv; $26 billion for Israel and humanitarian aid for civilians in conflict zones, including Gaza; and $8 billion for the Indo-Pacific.

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Millions of ‘Americans’ do care deeply Brandon. You know, the bible thumping gun toting redneck, ignorant Maga people. The deplorables. Those hateful, radical, flag waivers.
Those bigots who condemn all forms of sexual deviancy and who cling to their outdated pitiful ideas of decency that they learned from an antique silly storybook and their imaginary God. These people are a threat! to the American way of life and its time to put a stop to this foolishness.

Many people are very concerned about the fallen state of our country, But we are realizing more and more with every passing day that there is is not a damn thing we can do about it other than vote. Problem with that is that too many people feel its a waste of time, that it’s no use. That’s wrong! I can’t believe that God fearing Christians are a minority in America.
To say, 'I’m just gonna trust in God is the equivalent of the guy stranded on a roof top in a flood and waving off rescuers, stating that God will save me!
Maybe we are seeing scripture played out. In which case any attempt to avoid it would be futile. But we don’t know that for sure, So vote! it’s the only power you have at the present.
Like the rescuers were calling out to the dude on the roof. Grab the rope!.. Vote! Until Christ does come back, we have to live here.

I think when Brandon said “no one cares about” I think he meant the legislators…our government. I think there are a lot of Americans that care about it. Heck, I believe there are a lot of people from other countries that care about the US borders being invaded as well.

I think he did too. I wasn’t disputing him I was consoling. I agree that there are no doubt that people around the world are very concerned for America. I think many times that people from a distance can see the whole picture more clearly than those up close. I think there is a spiritual cancer spreading across this country like a wildfire. I think there are many people in the house and the senate that are fighting very hard against it, but they are outnumbered.
I appreciate that Brandon created this platform and understand that he gives much for very little.

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America is not a county. Its a business!

The problem is that for every true bible thumper, there are 1000 who are not. Those who think abortion, Easter, transgender etc. are ok because they and have a right and need to be happy.

The country will be and is being judged as a whole right now. It will continue to get worse and without a national repentance, which will never happen, our blessings will run out. The things we see are the Lord letting us ruin ourselves, no protection from our own stupidly. We vote in morons who He has blinded due to disbelief, and they lead the nation down the toilet bowl.

It only took one Achen to have the nation fall into sin and others died for it. How many Achens are in the House and Senate? David’s census sin cost 70 thousand men to die of pestilence.

If it were not for Christ standing in the gap, we would already be gone as a nation. We as a nation don’t deserve anything we have, we really don’t.
We pollute and destroy all the Lord has given us. We are one big lie. When you see the history of the industrialists and how they got started, to bring us here, it was through theft, lies and deception.
Lying has become a standard in the nation. All the tv and internet ads are a lie. Very few take responsibility for their mistakes, laziness and ineptness. It is all about the almighty dollar, the accursed thing.
If Jonah came ashore tomorrow, he would be thrown in jail for slander, discrimination and racial slurs.

I agree that Baby boomers with knee braces and oxygen packs on their backs can not turn things around. But I’m seeing more and more wonderful young people coming of age who see their way of life slipping away quickly, and they are beginning to stand up and be heard. I do have faith in them. I’m gonna vote for the lessor of two evils and maybe by some time for them. Pray and vote is all I can do, I’m not going to throw in the towel and go where I’m shoved.