Media Apocalypse: News Biz Craters, Want To Guess Why?

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Extra, extra, read all about it! The news business is headed for an “extinction-level event…” That’s right my friends, the news business, as in the mainstream media is tanking. In fact, it’s all over the news. There’s talk of imminent media doom. The air is filled with numerous reports about layoffs hitting newsrooms all over…


HA HA - I had to laugh when you brought up “headline readers”. That’s me most of the time!! But not the type you were talking about…I hope. :wink: I read it them to see who’s saying what. I read a few of the articles that show up in my email.

And yes, all the news will be online and all can be manipulated even easier now! Oh the decpetion is great and it’s getting greater.

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This seems like a great idea. :rofl:

Nolte: Atlantic Contributor Wants Taxpayers to Save Media from ‘Extinction Level Event’

Why does this not surprise me on darn bit!?! And all the blind people will be saying…YES!!! Save the media!!! smh

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To quote the late, great Zig Ziglar,

“Every morning with my coffee I read the Bible and the newspaper so I can see what both sides are up to “.


Totally agree, the only way a person can benefit from reading news today is read between the lines and connect the dots. Even then, ’ at best you can only get a vague idea of the truth that is mostly your gut feeling from past experience and the knowledge of how rotten the whole system has become.

That’s the downside of lying and being a hollow person all together. you loose all credibility to the point that every word out of your mouth is considered a lie by the people who have been paying attention. Zero respect or regard. To people of strong spiritual and moral character, that would be a fate worse than death.

My biggest peeve with the news is seeing a headline, 'Experts say that it is ‘probable’ that a recession could hit us in the next ninety days or ‘maybe’ sooner!

Experts say that there is a ‘probability’ that eating walnuts ‘could’ cause colon cancer.
If you read the news everyday, so will bananas, tomatoes, beef, chicken, lamb, eggs, butter,
lettuce, okra, green beans, squash. avoid these foods. of course you will starve to death, but hey! you will avoid a dreadful decease. That’s the important thing.
In all probability it is likely that all of the experts are morons. That’s my take on it.

I scan articles to get the facts, if any. Most writing is always bent, fully or partially.

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I’m a former journalist. It’s been many years since I filed my last story. In my day, journalists were inquisitive and compassionate about truth. We wanted to present both sides of an issue so viewers, readers, and listeners could make well-informed decisions based on truth. Today’s advocate journalism is shameful propaganda. No longer are journalists watch dogs for society. Many no longer have integrity or care about the common good. They are pushing their own agendas with an “I, me, mine” attitude. There is no more freedom of the press. The illusion that there is is nothing more than a sham. What a shame.

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The more a person studies, the more literal that statement becomes.

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What a cool profession to be in. …at least back then. I think a lot has to do with the colleges today. Just like the medical coĺleges. Satan has gotten himself in twined with all of it. My mom’s doctor retired early and basically said that he just can’t be a doctor anymore. Insurance and pharma call the shots. I knew this dr from way back when he first started in the 1980’s.

I’ve read about journalists leaving because they aren’t allowed to do their jobs as well.

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Hi Kay,

What a shame to hear about your Mom’s doctor. I’ve talked to so many doctors who are fed up and leaving the profession. They are so disillusioned!

I started in the 80’s and freelanced for newspapers, magazines, and did TV, radio and television journalism. It was exciting, fun, and I met some amazing people. I left the profession for public relations in the 90’s as it was more conducive to raising a family. I’ve been in communications for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, the field has emerged into something I no longer recognize. The media is owned by corporations and pharmaceuticals. There is no free press anymore. What a shame.