McConnell: ‘Defeating Russians most important event in the world’

This guy is nuts.

Yet, our borders are left open, that’s not important at all. These people right and left sucker us each and every day. Dividing us over their truth and what they want, not what “the American people” want!

I think the word “nuts” is incorrect. I think he is doing exactly what he is supposed to do in this theater. I think almost everyone in our government is working toward a goal that is NOT good for America. I just do not have any faith in these leaders. Especially when they get up there and stay for years, or like Feinstein or Biden who have spent their whole life in politics and become multi-millionaires. I know I sound pessimistic, I need to go for a walk…

I think they are so imbedded with dishonesty and corruption; they all have something on each other, or the deep state does and now they have become puppets to the closed-door leaders.

They can’t get out without losing their Camelot. Everything we see are side shows to keep the majority from uniting and doing something about it.

I’ve been saying that for years, they all have so much on each other that our government has become hogtied. I feel like that is the reason that Trump rocked the boat. I heard it it said more than once concerning Trump. 'Trump doesn’t know how things are done on the hill.
'I’ll bet!