Matrix: AI-powered conversation starters

The future, social media networks filled with chatbots you think are human.

Talk about living in the Matrix.

LinkedIn will soon have “AI-powered conversation starters” with the express purpose of provoking discussion among users.

Ohh, but there’s more…

LinkedIn announced last week it’s using AI to help write posts for users to chat about. Snap has created its own chatbot, and Meta is working on AI ‘personas.’ It seems future social networks will be increasingly augmented by AI.

Why, AI even has banning already taken care of.

Maybe, to begin with, you only deploy bots to contain problematic users: an idea known as heavenbanning, in which trolls can only interact with chatbots who mollify them by agreeing with everything they say.

That’s nice. Good grief, why not just ban someone outright if needed? Why waste their time thinking they are talking to people when they are not? What a sick and twisted world.

Can you say, image to the beast.