Lot and his daughters

What are the thoughts here concerning what the daughters really thought. There are several viewpoints on this.
The main view is they thought all the world was destroyed of men and the seed would not continue. Verse 31.
The other is that all the men left were heathen in that area and would not be desirable.

My question is what about Zoar, we are told it would not be overthrown, Gen 19:21.
Also, they were spared due to being righteous. What about Abraham and his clan? Logic would dictate they would have deduced this??

I used to think the first thought - that all the world was destroyed, but when I studied it myself I remember thinking that they knew they had to keep his seed going. I’m working off memory here. I will definitely re-read and see where that leads me.

No idea on the question about Zoar. When I have time, I will take a look at that as well. Looking forward to what others have to say!

When Abram left Haran following the commandment of the Lord, Lot went along. So, at this time, I would think that Lot and his family would be privy to the why they were leaving. Abram to be the seed line of many nations, not necessarily Lot.
Zoar is mentioned in Deut 34:3, Isaiah 15:5 and Jere 48:34. Some say it was destroyed after Lot left but it doesn’t appear to be so.