Looks like the House voted in a new speaker 🤡

This is comedy relief light. :grin:

I mean, it only took them three times.

In other news, I found out the new speaker actually sued the state of Kentucky for money to build… Noah’s Ark in Kentucky.

To me, that’s like the devil’s work. That place is called the Ark Encounter, I’ve been there. Fantastic site filled with Christian young earth, global flood doctrinarian. To make matters worse, he wants to keep sending money to Ukraine.

Looks like we got another winner folks.


Well…that’s no surprise about the $$$! What a bunch of crack heads…

But…on a brighter note, it should keep the time moving along swiftly to Jesus’ return!


At least he’s more “into” Jesus, than many others. But… he is “judeo”-Christian.

My sisters and I went to the Ark Encounter a few years back with our father (he’s now 81) He wanted to see it so badly. We were so impressed and the outside structure. Then we went inside. Big mistake!!! Should have stayed outside.