Local Meetup

We all know it’s hard to meet like minded people. Over the years, I have received numerous emails from readers asking if I know of other readers in their area, or if I know of good local churches.

So feel free to respond to this post to announce your city and state, if you are interested in meeting up with other readers. From there, you can message each other right through the forum. You never know, recently I received an email from a reader who lives just 15 miles where I used to live!

Ohh, I suppose you will need to signup in order to do that, huh? Shameless!

One more thing, if you go meetup, that’s all on you. If you get hacked up by some nut, don’t come blaming me. :smile:


I don’t have time to get hacked up right now - I have to finish my Chronicles study. :blush:


I’m located in PAYSON, AZ.


Waynesboro, PA . Defiantly ready to meet like minded families!


Welcome Maggie and thanks for joining us! We hope you find a family from PA. :+1:t3:


Hi everyone I live in Grandville, Michigan.


Eastern Kentucky. Hopefully someone is close to us.

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Crete, Illinois (a south burb of Chicago located near the Indiana border).

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Hello everybody im located in Virginia. Im looking for a. Church that knows how alive the bible is right now as we live.

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Welcome to the community! I’m up in Wis and I’ve given up trying to find a physical church. Hope you are able to hook up with others!

Welcome to the forum Adrian, thanks for joining us!