Let's Go Brandon! (Not what you think...)

First and foremost - THANK YOU BRANDON! This community is so refreshing to see and I truly thank God for Him encouraging you to put this all together. Your dedication to WEB is helping a lot of people weed through life. Opening eyes to the bible and realizing The Word is where you find the news and The Word is our guidebook for this time on earth.

Second - We are to tithe where we are fed. Also, I view this as a news source as well. I would love to see a “donate” button on the community page. (if there is one, forgive me, but I haven’t found it.)

No, I’m not related to Brandon, I don’t know him personally and have no financial gain in this, just in case you were wondering. I just feel that we all need to support people that provide us with good information. For now, I will go back to the main site and put in a donation, but would still like to see a link or button on this page.

God Bless!



Kay, thanks so much for this and the kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the new place. I sincerely appreciate your readership and gift. I’ll consider what you mentioned. Have a great day!


:rofl: This is refreshing to see! Thank you Kay for your honesty! God Bless your heart! :heart:


Don’t muzzle the ox that tread e t h out the g r a i n. The word of God has no refrain! We trust and hope in our God Reign!! Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of his mouth