Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty

you do recall what happened when trump mentioned ivermectin and a couple other non-lethel possible helps? In case you missed that, he was slaughtered by the media and his own “hidden” within" governing apparatus. He did not mandate, but remember as well, he had never had a flu vax until he became pres. I find that well worth remembering as it gives a type of the person. but, enough pressure, and even he got vax. I know some very intelligent/well educated folks (actually, this one, did DOD work on the data for the stats about vax…she, a DR Mathematics totally bought into the mRNA. I could not convince her otherwise. Its not all that easy for folks to through deception, esp when “sorcery” is involved.

It’s important to remember there are lots of Christians who took the vaccine. Even some of our readers took it for various reasons. It was their decision to make. It was everyone’s decision.

We didn’t appreciate it when the mainstream poked fun at the unvaccinated, so we shouldn’t do it either.

The only other thing I wanted to mention. There is no evidence I have ever seen that indicates “shedding.” That’s been discussed on the site before and I debunked it.

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Yes, it is hard especially when some of the truth tellers are shut down.
To me, every medication known to man which had a chance of helping with the illness should have been offered but sadly, that too, was shut down and doctors lost their licenses for speaking out against the way it was handled. It is all about the narrative.

Not sure what your point is here.??

I never trusted the flu vax either. It is a guess as to what strain you are protected from. Family members that were talked into getting one from their doctor, always got sick from them. Just my experience.

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in re “type of person”…I was leaning into the lack of flu vax (but also, no drinking and smoking we know). True, we don’t know why he never got a flu vax, but we also know he’s a little “germaphobe”. So, just that aspect to "type:…I’m not talking about whether he’s a hounddog or has “sins” (like most folks). Did not mean to confuse. Not sure how that (vax/drink/smoke) relates exactly to health, add that he was okay with alternative to vax to perhaps help people.

maybe shedding is the wrong word. I do think the immune system in every single person who got the vax, got too much of a “hit”. As to whether that will effect the health of each individual equally, is of course not true…each person is different. So, when the immune is weakened, other ills (colds/flus are more easy to get if the immune system of one is weakened—then, they pass the ill on to others rather than their own immune killing it first. I did not mean, that the spike sheds…sorry.

I know a few who were fired because they did not take the jab…I do not call that a free will decision, no better than if you don’t we will throw you off the cliff—I actually look at that as “violence”. Maybe “abomination” would be a better word, as nowhere in God’s word does He even remotely suggest to take sorcery/pharma specifically—the sick are separated from the camp, not the camp all hide out. This was not the case of worship a/c else no buying and selling, but darn close…don’t vax, then you can’t buy/sell unless “fill in the blank”. There are others who did with regret to at least keep the medical insurance that came with their jobs. I am pretty angry, that lies and force was used against humanity like this. So some decided to “give unto Cesar”…well, we gave our flesh to healthcare system which is now Cesar. Doesn’t make it right.

Linda, you missed my point. Lots of people wanted to take the vaccine. That was their choice. Others were pressed. Regardless, what I said earlier stands. We don’t need to name call them or make them feel stupid because of their decision.

I want all Christians to feel welcome here. Not just the ones who believe what you or I may believe.

I don’t understand why you brought that up… Nevertheless, I have seen many Christians say this is the pharmaceutical business. Hey, if folks are going to make those claims, and their popping meds for this or that reason. Well then, that’s little hypocritical.

I understand why folks took the vax—basically all the reasons. . but, I do see that even in that, it plays into the “save me” attitude one might expect when beast #2 causes them to worship beast #1 (rev 13:12). the multi-governing system satan will use. we almost see the same thoughts trying to be accessed, with the g-waming lie…where the governing body can “save us” with their policies. The deception in Rev 18:23 is pretty specific, that in the way of the greek word for “sorcery” is the “way” of deception (on the mind) and then attached right with that, “merchants”. deception (that word) does not always come from the greek pharmakeia so I think this deception has that “flavor”. I am sorry, if what I said would indicate that I think some are not welcome. but the deception of the mind, as in someone other than Christ can “save us”, with the added fear factor, should be uncovered. I feel very sorry for people who may have taken this and now wish they had not…as I also feel sorry for people who do not eat according to God’s word and get lots of sickness. I think we ought to note, that the “save me” attitude might be something we can use to draw folks more into strengthening their faith in Christ—uncovering/stripping away the dark smoke when we can. It is done, for the most part. but I do not have “faith” in the governing bodies (not individuals, but the bodies/structure) to be all that interested in helping us. And really, in a way, that is part of the warning.

i do think people should have a right to the choice of medical care they want. I’m very much for that…it should be their choice, not the governing body—ever.

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This ties into the whole point of no man king are going to fix the deep state, the swamp. The scales have tipped way too far. Prophecy will play out as it is written.

In reading Revelation, we can see things lining up now. The battles back and forth are futile. Things might improve a little one way or another but in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t really mean much.

In today’s world, a righteous man would almost have to lie to get elected. The majority says they are Christian but don’t stand firm on God’s word.

In looking at who we have in power, the destruction of the cities, and the support they receive, it is clear that things just are not bad enough for people to change. They vote party, not morals ethics, or candidate.

It will keep progressing downhill, till one day, they will all cry out for help, just like the Israelites did time and time again after God saved them. This globalism is nothing short of captivity. By then, it might be too late, they will get what they wanted. Even saying them, they still went the other way, same as after the millennium.

Mat 24:21
For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

You posted,

“In reading Revelation, we can see things lining up now. The battles back and forth are futile. Things might improve a little one way or another but in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t really mean much.”

You got that right.

At this point I am just waiting for the Ram and the Goat to take the world stage.

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