Let No Corrupt Communication Proceed Out Of Your Mouth

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Scripture says, don’t allow corrupt communication to come from our mouth. This isn’t just foul language, it concerns how we interact with people around us.


Amen to that! I’ve seen it many times, especially in some of the fb groups. I barely read their oosts anymore. And this topic goes beyond just Christian beliefs.

Its funny how people so easily jump on a bandwagon without thinking for themselves. And I’ll admit, I’ve done that myself in the past and it makes me sick.

Great post Brandon!


The parable of the wheat and the tares comes to mind, brother.
Keep up fighting the good fight of The Lord, you know better than me, great treasures await you in Heaven with The Lord. Be like the apostle Paul, when the way got rugged, the more rugged got he himself.


This was a verse I selected to memorize some years ago because I do have issues with my tongue. I also memorized James 4:11 - Do not speak evil of one another, brethren. He who speaks evil of a brother and judges his brother, speaks evil of the law and judges the law…


Oh yes especially social media you really need to be careful well I need to be careful I need to take that you out and look at myself in the mirror I need to be careful with what kind of posts I am commenting in and do I really need to comment in them especially in these times a wise man says few words I read that in the proverbs especially in these times we need to be careful what we say I’m noticing that I hardly fast anymore and I’ve been feeding my flesh more than my soul and Spirit and fasting and prayer and meditation and I find it really easy to write down my peace of mind especially when it comes down to those that like Biden and those that like Trump and who’s going to be the next president and this and that especially posts that are about Israel and especially if people are against Israel agreeing that the European Union is right and Israel is wrong for fighting back a lot of times I really do want to leave my comments and give them a piece of my mind but it’d be better just to stay off, I spent a whole year away from Facebook and I had less stress than now there’s a lot of posts that pop up on my Facebook streams and video post that I don’t like when I need to do is just let Facebook know that I don’t like these reels not to show them on my Facebook and if it just gets down to the point to where nobody’s listening to my posts then I just need to get off Facebook and stay in contact with the few Christian friends that I have which aren’t very any not very many I don’t doubt the rapture but every time when somebody preaches out of the Bible they forget the fact that Jesus comes at the seven Trump not the first Trump not the second Trump not the third Trump not the fourth Trump not the fifth Trump not the sixth Trump but he comes at the seventh Trump when all these terrible things happen to planet Earth and to mankind the Bible also states that and those that remain they forget about that and they also forget about second Thessalonians is a letter from Paul to the Thessalonians not to be discouraged that the day of the Lord has not happened the subject is not God taking the holy Spirit out of the Earth in order for the Antichrist to come the subject is about Lucifer and the Antichrist revealing himself and the phrase he’s at letteth will let until he be taken out of the way means that God is going to let the Antichrist do his thing until when Jesus comes and he’ll take him out of the way I firmly don’t believe that the holy spirit is going to be taken away during the tribulation. How in the heck can somebody get saved without the holy spirit being here, I get really bent out of shape when people listen to pastors like pastor Darby back from I think 1890 when he came up with the rapture theory, hey if God’s going to take his church out before the Antichrist is revealed and all hell breaks loose I sure hope that I go I would imagine those that are going to go are living by God’s words and doing what he tells us to do not like a Christian couple that aren’t married but they’re living together and having sex or another Christian that’s an alcoholic or an addict taking notes okay to get stoned but who am I to judge and if I think I do better God will bless me I had a brother that used to always throw the thing in my face saying that you’re going you’re doing works brother you’re doing works well now this days now these days I just want to react by my face God knows what’s inside my mind he knows how I think and the best way that I communicate and commune with my heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the holy Spirit is through thought and prayer meditation if I speak out loud guess who else gets to hear what I say and will try and ruin it take a wild guess yes I believe that Satan Lucifer and all his demons are listening to what comes out of our mouths so if you’re at a church and you guys are doing everything if you’re saying out loud with the pastor tells you out loud kind of like with Kenneth Copeland does I think everybody needs to go home and get into their prayer closet and then have their serious talk with the Lord don’t let voice leave your mouth but say it in prayer I don’t know I think I should have windfall here

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