Let All That You Do Be Done In Love

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At times, we lose sight of this simple and short verse. We become so focused on other aspects of life, we forget about love, or we forget how to apply it to our life, to our family, and friends.


You compromise because you don’t have a firm commitment to anything. There is no need to compromise when you have a secure soul. Don’t live life with an “I might be wrong” attitude - be right in God’s Truth.

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all of that is very true, I agree 100%. However many people become confused about love, what is just and true and what is wrong. Just one example of that is when young adult children who reject correction and sound guidance and jumps on the road of self destruction and mom and dad keep financing there behavior and unwittingly become and accomplice in
there loved ones self destruction by enabling them. That’s misplaced love fueled by guilt and pity, pride and shame and lack of courage. ‘We’ve done everything we could’ [except say NO!] Anyone over 60 remembers 'you made your bed, 'you lay in it!
somewhere along the way we’ve lost that wisdom. God loves all of his children no doubt.
But the ones who reject him and are determined to go to hell, he wont stand in the way of their free will.


That can be one of the hardest things to do sometimes. I dont have an adult child yet, but soon. And yes…I remember the “you made your bed - now you lay in it”…and I recently turned 60 so I’m in the over 60 club! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: