Learn To Be A Berean

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As Christians, we enjoy fellowship, but remember, our allegiance is to God’s Word. We should be like the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily.


One of my fav verses. Get hooked to the Bible. Turn off the Netflix.


What’s Netflix ? :nauseated_face:

I only watch Looney Tunes.

The cartoons, not the news media. :innocent:

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The news media is Looney Tunes! :joy:

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I also think it is important to ask many questions. I’m sure when they got together, they did the same with each other.

Something else I thought of and was guilty of was hearing a teaching, which sounded plausible, not really totally understanding it for lack of biblical knowledge in putting it all together.
I put the teaching aside, all the while knowing some of the supporting scripture seemed a little off, and all the while believing it to be true and accepting more things based on that first teaching. (Because who was I, I was unlearned) This leads to distortion.

Too me, this is really bad. When the time comes that you grow in your knowledge, it can be hard to put the accepted thoughts aside as see what the truth really is.

This is why so many are in support of Israel not having a clue who or what they are and what they believe. The notion of them being the so called chosen no matter what they do has been pounded into their heads for decades and they can’t unsee it.

So true Snowman. No longer do I take any spoken word for granted by preachers that mostly preach there own opinions as a lot of denominational preachers [evangelists] do. takes me about two minutes to turn them off if I get a whiff of anything that I feel to be bulls…t! their gullible followers are led so far away from truth, reality and the gospels that many of them are worse off than before they ever heard about God.