Lean Not On Your Own Understanding

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We are to trust in the Lord with all of our heart. We are to lean on Him for understanding, but how many of us really do that?


Good Study. I remember years ago before I really knew how to study scripture, (which I think is the job of the church) my wife and I were leaving the church service. We were becoming more and more disenchanted with the whole concept.

I looked at her and said, what are we doing? She was confused to my question. I asked her what we learned this morning? We both looked at each other in silence. At breakfast, we discussed what we learned at any of the churches we tried. Basically, not much.

I thought about how much scripture was even read or discussed on any given Sunday and it was maybe 5 verses. The rest was fill in play time. Many books were never discussed. I was curious how long it would take to cover the Bible one time at that rate, so I googled it. There are 31,103 verses which would take about 119 years. Granted, you need to study on your own, but most don’t have a good place to go, if need be, to move forward.

Thank You Brandon.


I think this is one of your most important studies that you have ever done!

Last night when I was studying Numbers, I couldn’t get out of my head the “veil being rent in twain”. The veil being ripped in two pieced when Jesus gave up the ghost. I was taught that when this happened, it gave us access to God without going thru the priests/pastors for forgiveness of sins, doing away with blood offerings and things like that. It’s not that I didn’t believe it, but I wanted proof in the bible. So I dug into Matthew 27:51, which led me to Heb 6:19, 9:3 and 10:20. With those verses it confirmed what I had been taught. When I find things like this it really warms my heart! What a great feeling.

Edited to add: I actually read not the single verses but the whole chapters of Hebrews. It brought the entire thought to light!


In all of our ways acknowledge Him and He will direct our p a t h s!! Don’t forget this is all about walking and talking with Yeshua Jesus just like the song says in the garden!! This is one of the verses we memorized in Sunday school 50 years ago blah blah blah and in Awana!! Raise up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it!! It is amazing how true this is I see it in my son now who is 22 years old he’s coming back to the faith in so many ways!! Anyway K I would rather see your scriptures on your verses instead of just the reference numbers!! But it will cause me to go look and study but if you could tell me the actual scripture I would appreciate it and how it affected you and what you learned detail thank you God bless you okay and the snowflake too even though you hate Trump LOL

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Never said I hated trump; just said he isn’t going to save the nation or the world. No man will. He is already attacking people in his own party instead of joining then to lift up the nation which is what a true leader does.


Actually, if you click the scripture numbers they automatically pop up for you! That is one of the features of this forum that I’m trying to use. But I do like the idea of people picking up their bibles to read it also!

If you read the chapters that contain those verses it tells you just that - no more blood sacrifices needed, your have direct communication with God for forgiveness of sins. No longer did the Israelite’s need to go to the tabernacle for such things - and thru Jesus’ blood on the cross, it was opened to ALL people.

Edited to add: I don’t hate Trump - I actually think he is significant in these end times.