LAPD deems thin blue line “violent and extremist”

It’s unreal and seems like a spoof, but it’s real. America continues to crumble under the weight of radical liberalism.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has banned the Thin Blue Line flag from public areas within police departments this week over a complaint that the flag represents 'violent, extremist views.’

We need 2 divisions of the police department. The standard for the normal people, carrying guns, the other for the woke people. They can confront the criminals with protest signs, bumper stickers and tee shirts.

When the “wokers” call 911, they must explain the situation not using pronouns.

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They want a world police with 1 in command of it to push the beast system eventually.

what represents violent extremist views is the lack of God fearing men and women who are appointed leaders that do not have the courage to do the ‘right’ thing. they do not deserve that position. we are seeing that trend in city, state and and federal levels nation wide. Blind leading the blind. Cause: when we stopped hiring people for those positions based on character. common sense, A mindset of of positive moral convictions. Granted, when our society has allowed the deterioration of godly principles in our culture there is not a lot of peoples to chose from. when a nation turns away from God, it falls. that is what we are experiencing. the only answer is to reject all things contrary to what we know is right, just and true and what we have known all along. there is no alternate way. just the right way. every liar knows in their heart that they are lying. It’s when the masses are coerced to follow that the walls and the foundation begin to crack and crumble and ‘will’ fall. Any nation in history that has rejected God has fallen. if you hate God and the bible, just read the history books, so you wont be subjected to all of that God stuff. .