LA Times stirs up racial hatred over prison inmates

Newsflash! Rural towns are always “mostly white”. The LA Times paints the picture that whitey is enslaving black and latinos, forget that they’re CRIMINALS.

CA is loaded with illegals thanks to Newsome. Look at crime demographics by race, this is not shocking. This is more divide and conquer by the anti-God lefty’s. That’s their goal, divide the right no matter their race. If we fight each other we cannot stand together.

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Seems like white is becoming a crime. These people dont have truth, just lies meant to divide. Their fruit marks them for who they are.


:smile: Yeah, that’s about the size of it these days and you nailed it.

Hey, thanks for joining us here Kathryn. Welcome.

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Thanks for putting it together, Im sure it wasnt easy.

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You’re very welcome! Yes, a solid week.