Knowledge of palm trees

I have a palm tree in a large planter that is approx 50 yrs old, I’ve had it for 25 yrs since the lady that I stored it for every winter told me one spring to keep it. it was a big job to haul it over and set it up by her pool every spring and haul it back to my heated shop every fall. she was wasn’t up to it any longer. One spring she told me to just keep it. I’m curious how long they live and how tall they get species gets. it has two trunks that are now about 24" tall during summer the the leaves or shoots are about 5’ in dia. rising about 24" from trunk before they spread out. Very hardy, it has been out in 24 deg. weather a few times for one night before It was brought in. I figure Snowman might have some knowledge about palms.

I have no answer for you but this is so cool! Now I’m trying to remember who in this group grew the apple tree and how it’s doing…

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What variety is it? The palms we had would take the cold as long as it wasn’t a long freeze.

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that was me Kay. I planted a seed 3 years ago or so. . after talking to you earlier this year I planted it out side this spring. doing great. if it survives winter I’ll have me an apple tree in the yard. would be so cool to pick an apple off of it.


I don’t know snowman. I wish I could send you a picture via email. I don’t know how to transfer my pics to do that. I’m computer illiterate. If I can get my grandson to do it for me I will. It seems to be a very slow grower. Might do better planted in the ground but Okla winters can be brutally cold for extended periods. the trunks have grown about 8" in the 25 years I’ve had it.
the foliage is beautiful dark green.

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Thank you sir. I’ll try that.

It might be a dwarf type, or it is out of room in the pot. I would think after all this time, if it isn’t a dwarf, it would be root bound and not do very well. This leads me to believe it might be a dwarf.

I don’t think that’s a very appropriter term anymore…I think it’s now called a “little” tree. :blush:

I thought it was you! You and your trees! Very cool with you apple tree. Now don’t let the deer eat it!!

Little makes me feel insignificant and unwanted. How about a height unchallenged, gender neutral, free willed plant.

I’ve thought about that too, I replanted it in a 4’ x 4’ x 3’ planter about 11 years ago worried about that. so heavy now that I use a pretty good size skid loader with forks to move it in or out. It did increase in size over the next ten years. I think it might be some sort of dwarf, The lady that gave it to me was wealthy and bought it at a very upscale pool landscape store. It was in a large terra cotta planter when she bought it. I remember being shocked at what she paid for it. And more shocked when she told me to keep it. anyway, when I get my grandson over here in front of my computer I will get you some pic’s to you Snowman. I really would like to know what it is. I have a feeling it is just a stunted native Cal. or Florida palm. Thanks.

It’s fenced in Kay. I worried about that. I get attached to trees and plants same as pets. Not very macho is it :joy: