KJP: “We are stopping the flow at the border!”

It’s astounding how far the U.S. Government has fallen.

This lady is either lying or oblivious to reality. I’ve shared the official border numbers with you in the past. It’s a fact, the government is allowing nearly uncontrolled illegal immigration into our nation.


I don’t mind the fact she’s a black, pink, or purple gal, I love everybody! :grin:

KJP is simply unqualified for the job.

It is always the other side’s fault. If they are stopping them at the border, why is Texas supposed to not let them leave their state and why are they now destroying New York city?

She needs to stop curling her hair so tight and maybe the follicles will let her brain get some air.

These lying pukes deserve what they get on judgement day.

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It depends on who is doing the qualifying. low IQ, A follower, no shame, will say and do as she is told with no questions or resistance. Perfect!